@Hello, moped users: it’s about standardizing riding. The management has something to say!

A letter to the users of Hello mopeds in our county: as an emerging thing in the sharing economy, shared mopeds not only help solve the problem of “the last mile” of citizens, but also directly change the travel mode of modern people with their advantages of convenience and environmental protection, which is deeply favored by the majority of users.

Nowadays, more and more people have joined the “army” of green cycling and enjoy the convenience of low-carbon and environmental protection travel.

However, there are also uncivilized phenomena such as not wearing safety helmets, parking at will, car people and so on, which is contrary to the national brand image of civilized cities.

In order to advocate low-carbon, environment-friendly and healthy travel modes, further standardize the operation and management of shared mopeds and comprehensively show the style of civilized riding, the following suggestions are issued to the majority of users: first, be a demonstrator of civilized riding and standardized parking.

Vigorously advocate green travel, practice it, consciously enhance the awareness of civilization, start from me, take the lead in abiding by social ethics, start from subtle points, strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations, and resolutely refuse to stop and place indiscriminately and drive in violation of regulations.

2、 Be a disseminator of civilized riding and standardized parking.

Cherish personal credit records of civilized riding, actively publicize the necessity and importance of civilized riding and orderly parking of vehicles, guide and drive people around with their own standardized behavior, and strive to spread the new trend of civilization to every corner of the city.

Sharing mopeds should also share civilization.

Helmets are not the furnishings of shared mopeds.

They are essential to ensure riding safety; Parking in piles is not only a key step to return the car correctly, but also an important guarantee for maintaining good parking order.

Solemnly remind users not to cool their helmets, lose their norms, reduce their credit and lose their safety! Let’s join hands, from now on, consciously abide by the traffic rules, bear in mind the management requirements, truly implement the requirements of civilized riding and standardized parking, work together to build civilized Wuping, take full care of the beautiful Wuping, and help our county build a new round of city.

Put on your helmet and stop by the pile! Put on your helmet and stop by the pile! Put on your helmet and stop by the pile! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times! Hello travel of Wuping County Urban Administration Bureau Wuping County operation management center warm tips on January 24, 2022: 1.

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