Heartache! Kunming’s younger brother died when he hit an electric pole while riding The “culprit” is the newly installed deceleration belt?

At about 9 p.m.

on January 15, on Chuanjin Road, a younger brother of Daijia lay down in front of a telegraph pole, with a lot of bleeding on his head, which was very critical.

The reporter saw at the scene that the younger brother of Daijia fell face down in front of the telegraph pole, his head was bleeding and groaned painfully from time to time.

And his battery car was still under him, and there was a lot of blood on the ground.

For fear of causing secondary injury, the surrounding residents did not dare to rush forward to rescue.

An express brother who happened to pass by helped dial 120 emergency call.

According to the express boy, the driving boy passed through the deceleration belt and didn’t ride steadily at once, so he hit the electric pole.

“Maybe the car is light.

When he came from there, I looked at him and didn’t ride steadily.” In the process of waiting for 120, the reporter met his colleagues.

He said he stopped his car to help when he saw his brother fall.

He found that the injured’s mobile phone showed that he was in the order receiving state, so he helped contact the customer who placed the order and cancelled the order.

Five minutes later, an ambulance rushed to the scene, treated it and sent it to a nearby hospital.

Nearby residents said that the new “long” deceleration belt on the non motorized Lane had caused many people to fall.

Citizen: “it seems that five or six people fell when they first installed it.

It seems that it was installed in this hotel.” Citizen: “I walk from here after work every day for about 20 days.

It’s just a little high.

When I pass here for the first time, I have a sudden brake.

If the wheel is smaller, like his wheel, it may be easy to fall out.” Subsequently, the reporter found the autumn love hotel in the public’s mouth and contacted manager Li of the hotel by telephone.

Manager Li said that the deceleration belt was installed by the hotel and has been installed for about half a month.

“Because the exit of our hotel’s parking lot comes out from there.

If we don’t install deceleration belts, the speed of electric vehicles is too fast and it’s easy to collide.” Manager Li said he didn’t know about the fall caused by the deceleration belt.

The reporter asked whether the installation of deceleration belts should be reported to the relevant departments for approval.

Manager Li said: “the matter of reporting for approval is done by the office.

I don’t know whether they have communicated with the traffic police.” Manager Li admitted that the installation of speed bumpers was originally for safety reasons.

I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

He also said that the deceleration belt would be removed as soon as possible.

On the 16th, the reporter came to the scene again and saw some blood on the ground.

People passing by said that this speed bump is relatively high, and it is already a motor vehicle speed bump.

“If you accidentally don’t hold the brake firmly, you’ll lose control.” Manager Li believes that the fall of the younger brother on behalf of the driver is not directly related to the deceleration belt.

“In the morning, I heard them say that the deceleration belt is no less than 10 meters away from the pole.

If it hits the pole, there should be no direct connection between the deceleration belt and his fall.” In addition, for the installation of speed bumps, another staff member of the hotel gave the opposite statement.

“I called someone in our engineering department and he said he hadn’t installed it.

So you just told me there was a deceleration belt here.

I really don’t know.” After giving the contradictory statement, the hotel staff were unwilling to explain to the reporter.

The reporter learned that the injured were sent to Yunnan new Xinhua Hospital for rescue.

My colleagues revealed that the injured finally stopped breathing after several hours of rescue due to his severe injury.

The reporter also learned from the traffic control department that there is no investigation result of the accident at present, and the police are further dealing with it.

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