[Health Star] “Riding” makes life better

“Riding” makes life better.

The first time I met cycling was four years ago, when a new bicycle shop was opened downstairs.

The shop owner was two young brothers.

Every day when I went to work, I could see them busy picking bikes for customers, debugging accessories, and taking care of the repair.

On an accidental occasion, I walked into the shop and talked with them.

Then I knew that the two brothers not only sold bicycles and repaired bicycles, but also often organized people who came to the shop to buy bicycles and liked bicycles to take part in riding activities.

When I saw them talking endlessly, my heart began to stir.

At that moment, it seemed that without too much words, I naturally joined in and started my “riding trip”.

Cycling is a good aerobic exercise, and also the best exercise for low-carbon, environment-friendly, economical, practical, and green travel.

The endurance exercise of internal organs is very effective.

It can consume excess energy of the body, improve the immunity of the body, improve the respiratory system, and enhance the cardiopulmonary function.

More importantly, you can also breathe fresh air outdoors during cycling, enjoy the beautiful scenery around you, and it is a good exercise for reducing pressure.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, we will gather at the bicycle shop on time and travel 15 kilometers back and forth from the bike shop to the toll station in the western suburbs of the destination.

For my first time on the road, Xiao Bai, my friends have no “dislike” at all.

They patiently explain to me the basic essentials of going on the road: how to change speed up and down the slope, how to adjust breathing, and how to correct posture to save effort.

When they can’t ride, they will encourage each other, make fun of each other, and achieve the goal of riding with laughter.

In the past two years, because of the epidemic, I have not participated in the activities of the bike shop, but my husband and I still insist on cycling every weekend.

Cycling has become a part of our life.

After a busy week, I set a goal for myself at the weekend, ride my car, let myself fly, and have a vigorous exercise.

The fresh air lifts my spirit, and the warm sunshine makes me feel comfortable, as if my body and spirit have been sublimated.

Life is just like riding.

When you encounter an uphill road, you should gear up; When you come across a flat road, keep it steady.

When you finish a goal, there will be another higher goal waiting for you.

I love cycling.

It also makes my life better.

Information source: Zhu Miao, Oil Production Area I..