Have you ever encountered anything that makes you “collapse” during cycling?

Riding is not perfect.

In the process of riding, you will inevitably encounter something that makes you “collapse”.

How do you solve it? Today, Xiaobian will take you to talk about the things that make you “collapse” in cycling! 1.

The pain of being blasted said that everyone would ride together at a speed of 20 +.

You can just ride highway 2.

After an intersection, everyone accelerated to ride.

Finally, they disliked that I rode too slowly and abandoned me.

Money is never enough.

Since I started riding, my money has always been insufficient.

When I see the bicycle equipment that I want to upgrade, I always dare not start because of my shriveled wallet.

I can only cry silently.

3 unbearable pain.

When riding on the car, your ass is always uncomfortable.

There will be discomfort or pain in the part contacting the cushion.

It’s uncomfortable to twist around on the car.

Even if the veteran doesn’t ride for a long time, he will have such embarrassment.

He really loves and hates cycling! 4 dog food was scattered everywhere.

During the riding of the team, girls occasionally haunted.

When they summoned up the courage to chat up, their boyfriend appeared and scattered dog food, so they had to leave silently.

5 a flat tire is the most common condition when riding.

In particular, the occurrence of a flat tire in a place where the front is not in the village and the back is not in the store makes people feel bad.

If you don’t bring maintenance tools, you can only wait for the rescue of riders or the presence of “goods Lala”.

The whole mood was swept away.

6 windy, rainy, rainy and snowy weather has always been a taboo for cycling.

In this case, riding is not easy, and it is easy to get the bike and riding equipment dirty.

If you are not careful, it will also cause brush car falling or more serious accidents.

Therefore, we’d better avoid windy and rainy weather.

The thing I fear most when riding on a potholed and rotten road is that the road condition is too bad.

Those bumpy roads are a situation that every cyclist doesn’t want to encounter.

When your bike was stolen, when you rode out happily, the car at the door disappeared in the twinkling of an eye in the last minute of your public toilet.

At that moment, you were worried, distressed and angry.

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