Hard core and tear! The 74 year old man rode 600 kilometers just for

On October 27, Huang Gengen, a 74 year old citizen of Wuhan, set out from his home in Wuhan and rode towards Nanjing.

The purpose of his trip was to thank the doctor of Nanjing Gulou Hospital who had treated him personally “In the extraordinary period of Wuhan, the people of the whole country supported Wuhan.

At that time, the doctors of Nanjing Gulou Hospital were in charge of my ward.

Under their careful treatment, I was rescued.

I thanked them.

I always wanted to go to Nanjing and meet them in person to express my gratitude! At that time, they were all behind the protective cover.

I knew that there were the most lovely people behind the protective cover, but I was none of them I don’t know, so I want to go to Nanjing and personally thank the angel in white…

“In order to express my gratitude, Huang Gen also prepared a golden flag with the words” benevolence, benevolence and skill to save the life and heal the wounded “.

Huang Gen is 74 years old, but he has a strong posture.

He liked swimming before he got sick He rode more than 30000 kilometers.

He also rode more than 2000 kilometers from Chengdu to Tibet in 2017.

The riding distance from Wuhan to Nanjing was about 605 kilometers.

He said he wanted to tell the doctors who had saved him that he recovered very well.

In fact, since the day Huang Gengen rode, the “most lovely people behind the protective cover” have been paying attention to his situation “On the morning of October 27, we just finished checking the room, he suddenly sent a text message saying that he had set out from Wuhan and was ready to come to Nanjing to see us.” Dai Jinghong, deputy director of respiratory and critical care medicine department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, felt very happy when talking about this.

Dai Jinghong told reporters that Huang Gen’s ride was not a whim, but a long-standing agreement between him and the medical staff.

At that time, he said that he would return to Nanjing to visit the medical staff who took care of him “You know from his determination to speak, this must not be a joke, he will practice it.

If the patient can recover like this, we will be doctors, and the significance of this trip will be achieved.” Dai Jinghong said that at 4:10 p.m.

on October 31, Huang Gen successfully rode into Nanjing.

Before meeting the angel in white, he also looked at the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

Huang Gen said that because he often rode a bicycle on the Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, this is the first time he rode on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge “Nanjing and Wuhan are brothers city.

If the body is not restored by one hundred percent, at my age, cycling is not possible.

COVID-19 is not terrible.

It can completely recover.” Thank you for your hard work for Wuhan source: Jiangsu news reporter: Deng Xi, Fang Chen, Guo Jianfeng, Yang Wenbin, Gong Junjie, Wang Xuetong producer: Li Daixiang editor: Chen Zixia, Zhou Zhen internship: Hua Jingyi great love!..