Happy Riding “Cloud Upstream Liaoning”

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Zhang Wenkui opened the APP on his mobile phone, rode a bike, and started a “cloud upstream Liaoning” journey…

Since the 9th Liaoning Riding Festival started on October 10, the vast number of riders in Liaoshen region have participated in it through the combination of online and offline.

Yesterday, the reporter saw in Wulihe Park that many cycling teams started from the park, enjoying the beautiful scenery and learning about the culture of the scenic spots along the way.

After the ride, the riders also released the excellent routes and riding strategies online to share with you.

Offline cycling and online sharing The 9th Liaoning Cycling Festival was hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau, organized by Shenyang Olympic Sports and the Shenyang Cycling Association.

The cycling festival lasts from October 10 to October 30.

The activity adopts a combination of online and offline.

Riders log in to Blackbird APP to participate.

There is no time limit and no route limit for riding.

The race is completed when the 20 km riding mileage is completed within 8 hours.

The APP will automatically light up the electronic medal of the 9th Liaoning Riding Festival and generate a commemorative certificate.

Compared with previous cycling festivals, the 9th Liaoning Cycling Festival has been upgraded with four themes: cloud competition, cloud promotion, cloud sharing and cloud welfare.

The top 500 riders who use the four theme clouds at least will get physical medals and cycling clothes; Cloud promotion: riders from all over Liaoning can recommend high-quality cycling routes on the APP, explore new cycling routes, and create an exclusive cycling strategy; Cloud sharing riders can share highlights such as online race completion certificate, real-time data and riding results on social platforms such as WeChat friends circle at the first time after completing the ride; During the Cloud Welfare Cycling Festival, an online lottery will be held irregularly to surprise riders for many times.

On October 18, at Qinkai Square of Wulihe Park, the reporter saw more than 10 members of the Chinese cycling team who were about to leave for the Xiushui River in Xinmin.

They wore uniform riding clothes and safety helmets and shouted the slogan of “Happy Riding in Great Beauty in Liaoning” and set out happily.

Before setting out to promote cycling culture and share beautiful routes, Lv Zihe, the leader of the Chinese cycling team, said that the cloud promotion and cloud sharing theme activities launched at this cycling festival were very good, “Cycling activities are becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more riders.

While riding for fitness, we hope to ride more scenic routes.

In this activity, most riders can share their favorite and developed high-quality riding routes online at any time, and share the beautiful scenery and what they have seen and heard on the road with you, so that more riders will enjoy this cycling route.

Today, we choose to go from Wulihe Park to Xiushuihe River I saw the recommendation on the line and decided to ride with the team today.

” As a senior cyclist, Lv Zihe thinks that cycling is not only a fitness sport, but also a way to learn and promote cycling culture, “After years of cycling, I have been to many beautiful places and places of interest.

Every place I go to, there will be a story that attracts you.

Each place has its own history and cultural characteristics.

I will seriously understand and learn, and enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland from a deeper level.

The theme of this cycling festival is’ Yunnan Upstream Liaoning ‘.

It’s really great for us to ride and travel in our hometown At the junction of Xiushui River and Liaohe River, local friends will explain the relevant knowledge and history of Liaohe River and Xiushui River to us, which is really meaningful.

” Next, Lv Zihe plans to ride the routes of Mozi Mountain, Qipan Mountain and Puhe River in Shenyang.

“Speaking of these places, Shenyang people are very familiar with them, but many people still don’t understand their history and the changes in recent years.

We will do a good job in these aspects in advance, and then learn about history and culture while riding.

I think this kind of riding culture should be vigorously promoted.” Riding out of health, Riding Beautiful Every year, the cycling festival is not without the shadow of Shenyang women’s cycling team.

The average age of these women riders is 58.5 years old, and they all stick to riding together all the year round.

Shaou, the leader of Shenyang Women’s Cycling Team, said in an interview: “Our cycling team was founded in 2017.

At present, there are 14 members.

Since the fourth cycling festival, we have participated in every session.

If we persist in cycling all the year round, people will be more energetic, healthier and more beautiful.” Shaou told reporters that she has persisted in cycling since 2015, and most of the provinces in China have done so, “In many places I saw in my textbooks when I was young, I could travel by bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery from different angles and routes.” Cycling not only exercises my body and cultivates my sentiment, but also brings different fun to different people.

Sand Gull said that she has broadcast her riding on the Internet in the past two years, and has already had many fans and made many friends because of her riding.

Every time she rode to a place, local riders would recommend her a suitable route and introduce the local culture.

(Ma Cheng, senior reporter of Shenyang Daily and Shenyang Daily, all media)..