Happy riding 06.19 give your child an independent journey starting from the 18.7km Yangcheng Lake cycling

Suzhou Creek outdoor club ▊ discover the beauty of the outdoors and explore the true meaning of travel ▊ business cooperation member recruitment copywriting Collection – route development ideas – there is a different way to travel.

A group of people ride bicycles to feel the wind and freedom.

They don’t slow down to take us to appreciate more scenery and feel different cultural customs this time, We took the teenagers to explore the beauty of Yangcheng Lake, which was rated as the “most beautiful cycling lane”.

What made Xiaobian most happy was the section on the lake.

There were clear lakes on both sides of the road, and the lane was close to the lake.

There was an illusion of riding on the lake.

This activity, Some classic sections around the lake are selected for cycling for about 18.7km, equipped with professional cycling vehicles + protective helmets.

The course aims to carry out a cycling training camp for children who can ride bicycles, to help them master riding skills, learn riding traffic rules, establish riding safety awareness, and let more children love riding and enjoy riding! Course features of breaking wind cycling camp ▶ 18.7km coach’s personal test route: the 18.7km riding greenway is selected for this riding training camp.

There is no motor vehicle passing through.

It has both safety guarantee and rural scenery of riding.

It is very suitable for children who experience riding activities for the first time.

▶ Professional fitness coach: exercise children’s concentration and response sensitivity during riding, and promote children’s bone development and motor coordination; ▶ Natural scenery: all the way along the greenway, let children get away from electronic products for a short time and return to nature; ▶ 1:8 high ratio of teachers: ensure safe riding and give children more professional and comprehensive riding training.

Yangcheng Lake Peninsula wind breaking cycling camp activity content during this camp period, we have carefully designed the length of time and the changes of terrain.

We are focusing on the routes suitable for beginners.

The riding culture is more and more honed.

Under the leadership of professional coaches, we have natural companionship along the way, giving children a chance to break through themselves.

The first sightseeing and leisure bicycle lane around the lake in Suzhou, built along the shoreline of Yangcheng Lake, has a total length of about 50 kilometers, including a 7-kilometer water section.

It has the auxiliary function of a pedestrian path, and is equipped with a comprehensive bicycle service area around the lake.

It is an ideal place for tourists to ride slowly, exercise and relax, and visit the waterfront.

The best way to meet the most beautiful scenery and experience Yangcheng Lake is to ride.

There are blue sky, clear water, green grass and green mountains along the line, as well as the thousand year old temple Chongyuan temple and the quiet and elegant Lianchi Lake Park.

Far away from the noise of the city, we are racing together to unleash our energy and passion.

It is simple and happy ▲ Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Chongyuan temple ▲ Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Xianying Lake Park professional riding lane.

The first lake cycle lane in Suzhou, with a total length of 18.7 kilometers, runs for 3.5 kilometers.

The above water section is completed at one go.

The kilometer mark on the ground runs through the professional riding Lane in the whole process and is completely isolated from the motorway, High safety professional skill learning > > outdoor riding rules understand the traffic rules of outdoor riding, riding gestures, coping methods in case of danger…

Be a professional little rider! > > Outdoor riding safety teaching riding has a certain speed, and it is more likely to be dangerous in case of emergencies; Therefore, learning the riding rules and establishing the awareness of riding safety will be of great help to children.

The 18.7-kilometer route is a 38 kilometer circular route in Yangcheng Lake Peninsula resort.

We ride on the greenway and wander in the countryside.

This is a highly scenic and safe riding route, which is very suitable for beginners.

Riding cares not about the destination, but always on the road.

As a healthy and environment-friendly way of sports, cycling can fully enjoy the beauty of the journey and exercise children’s perseverance and hardworking outdoor spirit.

In the fresh air and plenty of sunshine, we will experience challenges in the midst of difficulties and success at the end of the journey.

After riding this section of the road, the child’s riding level has been effectively trained, crossing steep slopes…

Slowly accelerate, relax, chase within a safe range, feel the sound of the wind blowing in his ears, truly experience the charm of riding, and release his soul.

With the order of 3, 2 and 1, the children’s 3-kilometer cycling race officially began, PK competition with your teammates belongs to the stage of children’s competition.

The most beautiful scenery on the road you meet.

Young cyclists chasing each other wish you “riding” in the future “Kaidesheng also expects you to join our cycling family – Introduction to the itinerary – 10:00 notice according to the group, gather at the designated place from 10:00 to 10:30 for bicycle knowledge education and equipment collection.

Attention, parents, please go to the assembly point on time.

In order not to delay most children’s travel, please be sure to arrive on time.

After the children are handed over to the staff and signed, please leave the site in time to avoid traffic congestion.

Also: those who arrive first The children will be led by the on-site teachers into the familiar game links, so that the children can integrate into the team as soon as possible and take the first step.

10: 30-10:50 test ride, and 20 minutes after the bike adjustment test ride, focus on adjusting the height and gear of the bike, so that the children can ride in the most comfortable state! 10: 50-12:30 cycling around the island 12:30-13:30 lunch, shooting, games, etc.

parents are requested to prepare lunch bags in advance.

In order to prevent children from competing with each other, the organizer requires that each child’s lunch bag must be simple and light.

13: 30-14:30 advanced cycling around the island 14:30-15:00 lawn sharing 15:00-15:15 award of honorary certificates 15:20 end, pick-up * at the designated place.

The activity will be carried out normally in light rain, and cancelled in moderate rain and heavy rain..