Half day riding | | It’s impossible to challenge and temper your will!

Maybe you can ride a bike freely.

But do you really know the difference between bicycles? The classification of bicycles, the history of bicycle development, together with the teacher into the time tunnel of bicycles.

The time came to 1818; The Trojan Horse made by German Baron Carl Dulles has obtained patents in Germany and France, and he has also become a generally recognized inventor of bicycles.

This shows the importance of patents.

He installed a direction handle on the front wheel of the car, which is the first impression people have of bicycles.

In 1896, the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, the first modern Olympic Games in the human world, saw modern cycling as one of the nine major events for the first time in the eyes of the people of the world ▲ Precious video materials of the cycling events of the first Olympic Games, as the oldest and longest classic events in the history of the Olympic Games, “speed” and “endurance” have always been synonymous with cycling, Cycling represents the tenacity and faith of mankind ▲ Swiss cyclist Nino Schulte, the third runner up of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the second runner up of the London Olympic Games, the 16th champion of the Rio Olympic Games, the 8th champion of the Rio Olympic Games, from the third runner up to the champion – the best interpretation of “persistence” Today, more than a hundred years later, cycling is no longer the exclusive cycling of athletes around the world, a bicycle across the country…

cyclists are not afraid of the wind and rain, Only for the sake of persistence in mind – when “persistence” has become a habit over time, it also gives this sport a new meaning – “riding spirit” requires professional skills to operate a bike, so that you can drive more safely and normatively.

There will be professional cyclists here to teach you professional riding lines, gestures, traffic rules and riding training.

Riding gesture display: Before professional study, the coach will ask you a very boring question: Can you ride a bike? Many children can laugh and won’t ride me here; However, when the coach finished speaking to them, he found that they were limited to the “most basic” meetings.

After explaining the most scientific seat adjustment position to the children, the coach will let the children get their bikes, and then get familiar with the simple uphill and downhill power generation methods, and then the gesture to follow the queue.

All we need to do is to give them a bike and a safe environment so that they can have a carefree “self-cultivation” riding course equipped with Giant mountain bikes, Different sizes of models are prepared according to the students’ height to ensure the students’ riding safety and comfortable experience.

The cycling course provides each student with a professional cycling suit: a cycling helmet to ensure the safety of students to the greatest extent.

Professional cycling coaches accompany children throughout the journey, and 1:6 super high school teachers and students provide all-round protection for children’s safety.

The whole journey of this cycling activity site – Songhua River Waterfront Avenue is about 25km.

What parts are 1234 bicycles made of along the way to enjoy the beautiful Songhua River wetland? Understand the structure and functions of mountain bikes and vehicle parts.

Follow the professional riding instructor to learn the physics contained in the vehicle structure.

Complete the seat debugging and gear shifting exercises under the guidance of the instructor.

Make sure you can never fail to start again! Can you really ride a bike? The position of pedals, the reasonable height of seats, and the safe distance for riding…

These skills can save physical strength and protect the body to the greatest extent.

Professional riding skills can safely and laboriously start to wear helmets, protective gear, and instantly become a professional wind catching rider to accept the 25km high-energy challenge! Shuttle through the Songhua River and join the green scene of the Songjiang River Wetland.

In the middle of the journey, we will arrange a clock in point and rest station to ride together with our partners on the track to challenge the seemingly “unreachable goals”.

Every persistence is a growth breakthrough.

The track of the bicycle will eventually become a unique mark in children’s lives, A group of children are marching towards the goal, turning the scenery and experiences along the way into memories, imprinting their tenacity, courage and enthusiasm in their hearts.

This cycling activity is hosted by Lexing Youth Research.

The teaching team is provided with professional guidance and training, vehicles, professional coaches and leaders by the Giant Mountain Bicycle Club.

The activity is equipped with photographers, emergency vehicles, teaching guidance, safety assurance and vehicle maintenance, Meals and other services.

All vehicles are professional outdoor off-road bikes of Giant, ensuring professional, safe and comfortable activities.

Morning session: 9:00-designated place for assembly and distribution of vehicle equipment; opening training: 9:20-12:00 for cycling skills; afternoon session of outdoor cycling: 13:30 – designated place for assembly and distribution of vehicle equipment; opening training: 13:50-16:30 for cycling skills, Outdoor cycling [Activity date] October 15, 2022 (Sunday) [Activity location] Near Songbei District Municipal Government (subject to positioning) [Activity object] Children independent · 7-15 years old [Activity number] 10 people in a group [Activity cost] Rental car: 299 yuan/person (half day camp) Own car: 199 yuan/person (half day camp) and the following three discounts, All can be superimposed ① Discount for regular customers: 10 yuan/person ② Discount for group: 10 yuan/person for two person group registration, 20 yuan/person for three person group registration ③ Sharing discount: 10 yuan/person for forwarding friends’ circle [the cost includes] equipment rental fee (special cars and helmets for children), material fee, professional cycling team teachers, activity course fee, drinking water, photography, protective masks, Insurance premiums, subsidies for team teachers and other [excluding] round-trip transportation fees from the place of departure to the activity site and other personal expenses, riding gloves..