Gui River cycling | 9.3 beautiful scenery all the way, Gui River Ecological Corridor cycling + vineyard vegetable garden picking

Click on the blue words above [lectures at Peking University and Tsinghua University] to pay more attention, knowledge changes fate! Most people are “others”.

Their ideas are the opinions of others, their life is an imitation, and their passion is a quotation—— Oscar Wilde knocks on the blackboard!!! This time, our wheels have stepped here – Yanqing Guihe ecological corridor.

Please wear your helmet and get on the bus (collective car rental, no need to bring your own bicycle)! Riding in the west section of Guihe Ecological Corridor: leisure (about 30km) scenic index: ★★★★ difficulty index: ★★☆ suitable for people: leisure fitness, scenic relaxation and ordinary cycling enthusiasts.

The above picture is the live shot of Qingqing leader on August 27, 2022.

The above picture is the live shot of Qingqing leader on August 28, 2021.

Yanqing is undoubtedly a cycling resort in Beijing.

The annual Beijing International Cycling conference, China’s highest level cycling events, such as the National Road Cycling Championship and the tour of Beijing, will all choose here.

Guihe ecological corridor and Baili landscape gallery have been rated as the top ten cycling routes in Beijing.

Riding a bicycle, you can shuttle through the landscape paintings and be in the “natural oxygen bar”.

The mood of wandering in it will make you feel “endless riding pleasure”! Guishui River, which flows through Yanqing County, is the mother river of Yanqing people.

It is said in ancient books that Yao married two daughters to shun.

This river flows westward into Guanting reservoir.

Most rivers in China flow eastward, and only a few rivers flow westward from the East.

Guishui River is one of them, so it is also affectionately called the Oriental Rhine River.

The Guihe ecological corridor has flat roads and pleasant scenery.

There are also special cycling routes repaired for cycling enthusiasts, which are especially suitable for public cycling.

No doubt, cycling will perfectly combine static and dynamic, and become the most beautiful scenic line here.

Is that enough? We are the creators of the landscape.

The ride itself is simple, and the ride itself is not simple.

It is a challenge to persistence and endurance, a challenge to courage and wisdom, a challenge to courage and strength, a challenge to teamwork and cooperation.

Find yourself better in the ride.

Our car: Taiwan Ronghui 21 speed all aluminum cavalry mountain bike.

Surprise on the way.

Grape picking.

On the way, you will pass by vineyards and vegetable gardens.

You can pick grapes voluntarily.

Price reference: grapes 8 yuan / catty, Vegetables: 5 yuan / catty.

Some of the pictures in the review of the past period were taken by the team members in the past period.

I would like to express my gratitude here.

If there is any infringement, please contact the backstage and delete the itinerary.

✦ 07:30 Metro Line 5 leaves from exit a, north exit of Huixin West Street, and sets off at the flagpole of Anhui building.

08:00 Metro Line 4 sets off at exit C, Peking University East Gate station.

At 9:30, we arrive at Yanqing bicycle rental center to collect bicycles, protective equipment, and the tour leader introduces the itinerary, explains safety matters Check the vehicle for warm-up activities at 10:00.

After practicing basic riding skills, start to ride along the Guanting reservoir and visit the scenery of the Guanting reservoir along the way.

At 12:00, return to the starting point at noon to rest and solve the problem.

Lunch (self provided) at 13:30, start to ride along the Guishui River and visit the beautiful scenery of the Guihe river.

At 15:30, return to the bicycle rental center, return the vehicle, start to return to Beijing, and arrive at the boarding point at 17:00.

Consultant: omaiga127 (Note: riding) tips: the above is only about the time, Major projects remain unchanged, and the activity process may be temporarily adjusted according to the specific situation on the site, such as the number of team members, physical condition, real-time weather changes, road conditions, local scenic spots, etc., all of which are subject to the leader’s arrangement.

The pictures and landscape elements in this case are for reference only.

The shooting of pictures will vary according to the season, sufficient rain, time period, weather, light, photographer, photographer’s angle and shooting level.

Equipment requirements ✦ 1.

ID card; 2.

Gloves; 3.

Shoes: sports shoes and walking shoes; 4.

Clothing: quick drying clothes and warm clothes; 5.

Food: sugar, banana or high-energy food, enough water; 6.

Medicine: band aid, carsickness medicine, etc; 7.

Others: convenient backpacks, appropriate cash, garbage bags, etc.

Extremely important! ✦ 1.

Before riding, all people must wear helmets, check the condition of the vehicle (check whether the brakes are working, whether the tires are pneumatic, whether the chains are smooth, whether there are loose places, adjust the seat, etc.), and wear gloves; 2.

All people ride in a column, not fast.

The interval between the two cars is at least one meter, and they ride in an orderly manner.

It is forbidden to overtake or ride side by side; 3.

Obey the traffic regulations, hold the handlebars with both hands, and do not play with mobile phones and wear headphones during cycling; 4.

When riding in a column, the brake should be slow to prevent the rear end collision of the team members behind the sudden brake; 5.

Obey the arrangement of the leader and group leader, and do not fly alone or leave the organization; 6.

The mobile phone is unblocked at any time.

In case of special emergency, communicate with the leader or group leader in time to solve the problem as quickly as possible; 7.

The height of the riders shall not be less than 155cm; 8.

Do a good job of sunscreen, try to use magic headscarves or apply sunscreen frequently; 9.

If the bicycle is damaged, it shall be compensated according to the price; 10.

Those who do not obey the above 9 and do not recognize the concept of Qingqing are not allowed to register.

Precautions ✦ 1.

Do not register for the activity if you have a recent history of living in a medium or high-risk area.

On the day of the activity, check the 72 hour nucleic acid negative certificate of health treasure; 2.

During the activity, wear masks, maintain appropriate social distance, and eat separately; 3.

Abide by the local epidemic prevention regulations of the destination, cooperate with the local epidemic prevention inspection of the destination, and do not discard the used masks in the wild.

Activity fee ✦ total fee: 98 yuan [fee includes] 1.

Round trip bus fee, tour leader fee and organization fee; 23000 travel accident insurance (subject to the ID card information submitted at the time of registration).

[fee not included] 1.

One day (mountain bike + helmet) rental (Qingqing price: 100 yuan); 2.

Cushion: 10 yuan, with lunch; 3.

Other expenses other than “expenses included”..