Growth history of rookie riding: a fairly good entry-level carbon car – Ruibao spark Evo disc

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Source: what’s worth buying.

Author: Hello, Hello, Hello, I’m a rookie in riding.

I’ve been drying the riding equipment purchased since I went into the pit, including tail light, flashlight, parking rack, step frequency / wheel speed sensor, code meter, riding glasses, headphones, etc, It’s just that I haven’t dried the car all the time ~ well, let’s get out of the car now ~ ~ the appearance shows that the car is Ruibao’s sparkevodisc, the whole internal wiring model in 2021, and the chameleon coating model ~ the new car is like this ~ the specific configuration is as follows: the frame and front fork are Ruibao’s sparkevo, made of carbon fiber, and the default wheel set is Ruibao’s aluminum alloy wheel set, which adopts a 6-nail disc brake system.

The transmission system is a complete set of 7020 kits from Shimano, Japan, i.e.

105 kits, including manual transformer, front shift, rear shift, crank tooth disc, flywheel, center shaft and hydraulic disc brake system.

When I bought the car, I was quite ignorant.

I didn’t care about the 105 sets in this whole set.

It’s quite kind.

The components are mainly handlebars, seat tubes and cushions.

The handlebars also use the evo integrated broken air handle corresponding to Ruibao.

The seat tubes are also matched with Ruibao Evo.

Carbon fiber seat tubes.

As for the cushion, it is a long nose, which is the selle below.

After actually buying the car, it was upgraded directly.

Well, it can’t be said to be upgraded, I picked up the garbage after the boss upgraded.

The wheel set uses the original wheel set of trek Madong, a 50 frame high carbon clad aluminum wheel set, and the cushion is also replaced with a domestic short nose cushion of more than 200 pieces.

Although the price of the cushion is not high, it is much more comfortable.

After the wheel set is replaced, the appearance is immediately improved to a higher level.

As for the effect, I don’t know wow ~ the aluminum wheel has not been used, So there’s no comparison feeling ~ what’s more kind is that the kit gives a large set of 105, including not only the manual transformer and front and rear pullers, but also the flywheel, crank tooth disc and hydraulic disc brake kit, which is a complete version of Shimano 7020.

This one can be seen clearly.

The tooth disc and rear puller are all 105 sets.

This is the last time I took it home ~ I just started cycling and didn’t lock it.

It’s still an ordinary pedal.

At that time, in order to be able to ride 4 + 2 (four wheels, car, two wheels, bicycle) conveniently, I also bought a hanger.

Well, this rack can only be used for short-distance travel, and is not recommended for long-distance travel.

This was taken when I went to laoshanlang ~ I didn’t lock my shoes, and then I fell down the slope and ate shit.

Fortunately, there is a helmet, otherwise..

So helmet is really a must, a must, a must! Summary: as an entry-level model in sparkevo, Ruibao car is made of carbon fiber except that the wheel set is made of aluminum alloy, and it is very kind that the kit is made of 105 sets of r7020, that is, the manual variable, hydraulic disc brake, front and rear puller, tooth disc crank and flywheel of r7000 are all accessories of Shimano r7000 package, both in terms of performance and price, This car is a very good entry-level carbon fiber road car, and the geometric design of this car is not radical.

At least I am a person with medium flexibility and can ride it for nearly 100 kilometers, which can prove that its comfort is still good! Of course, sparkevo also has a road vehicle using ut Kit (r8020), which will have better performance, but I think 105 sets are the most cost-effective part corresponding to the carbon frame and wheel set of Ruibao.

Lookclassic3 when riding a road bike, you fall early and late.

You will fall sooner or later, especially after you get on the lock pedal! Zero speed fall is something that most people have to experience, and there are four systems for locking and stepping: Shimano and look are commonly used, and lollipop locking and stepping, as well as another small one that I don’t know.

The four are incompatible with each other.

I locked the car when I was riding on the road for more than one month and less than two months.

Of course, there is only one purpose of locking, that is to ride faster.

The self-locking system of the bike is to completely fix the foot and the car together by locking the pedal, locking the plate and locking the shoes.

In this way, the most correct posture and the best power position can be fixed, and the foot is also doing work when lifting, It can greatly save physical strength and improve speed.

Therefore, more than 90% of people riding on the road should be locked.

The lock pedal I chose is classic3 of look.

In short, it is the cheapest one in the look system.

It is an entry-level model.

In fact, one reason why I chose it is cheap.

Moreover, because it is an entry-level lock pedal, the supporting lock plate is also a gray 5 ° lock plate.

After locking, it can rotate in a small range (5 °), and the unlocking force is small, which is suitable for junior players like me.

After all, it’s an entry-level model.

The price is cheap and the packaging is perfunctory.

After opening it, two locks step inside.

I’m a beginner, so the material is ordinary nylon and stainless steel, and the weight is also relatively heavy..

The entry-level model can adjust the unlocking force of the latch, with a range of 8-12 nm.

Compared with Shimano’s entry-level r7000 lock pedal, the biggest advantage is that it is cheap ~ ~ this pair of lock pedals is only 268 yuan.

Of course, in terms of weight, this has no advantage at all! An Allen key is used for installation..

It seems to be size 8.

I can’t remember it.

Correspondingly, when buying lock pedal, I usually give a pair of lock pieces, which is the following thing ~ this thing is fixed on the lock shoe, and then realize the self-locking of lock shoe and lock pedal.

The entry-level model is equipped with a 4.5 ° anti-skid lock plate, and there is a rubber anti-skid part at the bottom of the lock plate..