Group friend story | a farmer’s zero waste 100 kilometer ride sharing

▷ Xiao Qin in front of the Great Buddha Temple 🚴‍♂️ At the beginning of the story, I’m Xiao Qin.

I choose to do agriculture because I yearn for the living conditions of farmers and the overall living environment in rural areas.

This year is my third year as a farmer in Yinlin village, Conghua.

On the one hand, I am very young and not calm enough.

I can’t stand loneliness for a long time when I work in the countryside, so I want to go to the city every week or two, find friends to play and eat delicious food; On the other hand, when I go out to visit the farm, I always wonder about the life of farmers.

I will ask “what will you do outside of work and what kind of state are you?” I’ve been thinking, what kind of person am I? Does agriculture bind me? Am I a free man? Perhaps, when someone asks me back like this, I can take out this article and answer them like this – for a time, I really took agriculture (work) as my whole life.

Now it’s terrible to think about it.

For agriculture, I think thoroughly.

It’s just a means of my life.

I love my work and work is also my life.

However, life is not only work.

I must develop into a complete person.

Then, I start with interest and get rid of the shackles of work first.

In addition to farming, I also like running, text recording, biological data collection and cycling.

These interests liberated me a lot of time and energy, helped me stay in the countryside more firmly, and most importantly, I gained physical freedom.

I’m very healthy.

I can ride everywhere.

Today, let’s share my riding experience with you.

🚴‍♂️ As for me and cycling, I work on the farm almost every day.

In the past, I worked on an ecological farm (partial corporatization).

The working hours were 8 hours a day and 4 days off a month.

Most of the work was manual work.

Because there was a lot of work to do, I rode less at that time.

During a very confused time, Late at night after work, a man rode hundreds of kilometers on national highway 105 – just for discouraged riding.

In recent months, he turned to another ecological farm (more life oriented), responsible for orchard management, farm activity organization and some operations.

Working time is 5 ~ 7 hours a day, and you can rest for two or three days a week.

Although the salary is less and less stable, it also releases a lot of time and energy.

Not only has he made great progress in riding and running training, but also honed other skills.

Therefore, there is a plan to visit farms in Guangdong Province this year, and ecological related industries want to know more about it.

I also hope you can recommend it to me – now cycling has become a free way of travel.

▷ daily work, ditching ▷ cycling records in the past two and a half years, I rode a total of 31 super long distances, with a total mileage of 3439 kilometers.

The average value of a single ride was 110 kilometers, of which 19 rides more than 100 kilometers were completed on the same day.

The average speed of riding is 17 ~ 25 km / h.

All rides were basically completed on the same day, and no attempt was made to ride for several consecutive days.

The methodology and equipment selection in this article are all based on the background of day riding behavior.

🚴‍♂️ Let’s talk about zero abandonment.

After the college entrance examination that year, there were many voices of environmental protection on the Internet.

I was also inspired to choose a major and job beneficial to the earth.

Later, I majored in horticulture and have been engaged in ecological agriculture for three years after graduation.

In the second semester of my sophomore year, I began to be vegetarian and more specifically exposed to environmental protection.

With the advocacy of the concept of zero waste on the Internet, many bloggers have emerged one after another, calling on everyone to practice this lifestyle based on enriching themselves, reducing material desires, and then reducing the generation of non degradable waste.

I also gradually achieved the unity of knowledge and practice in my life.

From the little things around me to choosing to engage in ecological agriculture, I was guided by these environmental protection life concepts.

▷ let Xiaobian’s environmental life practice ● why can we achieve zero waste in the environment of completing super long riding? Overall consideration 1 Have training habits at ordinary times.

You can maintain a good physical state through daily living habits.

Most riding and training will not exceed 70% of the physical endurance limit, so it is not easy to get injured; 2.

Strong physical recovery ability, can work as usual the next day, and the overall rhythm of life is not chaotic; 3.

The purpose of going out each time is strong and the rhythm is tight, so as to achieve zero abandonment ~ 4 After vegetarianism, material desire and appetite have changed greatly, and they prefer natural unprocessed ingredients; Details 5 Have environmental awareness, bring your own kettle, lunch box and supplies.

If you need supplies on the road, you will buy fruits (usually bananas) from roadside fruit stalls; 6.

Most training equipment is given by friends; 🚴‍♂️ Riding tools, friends’ support ● car ▷ I have ridden a total of 4 cars ① it is a modified mountain bike, which I bought from my former colleague Huige (a low price of 300 yuan).

However, there was a problem with the middle axle of the car.

It cost 300 yuan to repair.

I kept it idle as a spare tire.

Later, I removed its parts and gave them to the third car.

② It’s a road car.

I borrowed it from Mr.

Zeng, a fellow townsman in the town.

I rode 158 kilometers to the ancient Buddha temple for dinner.


Zeng is an amateur runner who has completed two 100 kilometer cross-country races.

He takes good care of me as a little fellow, gives me a lot of training suggestions and sponsors a lot of training equipment.

③ It’s a second-hand mountain bike.

The steamed stuffed bun brother of the vegetarian running group once rode it from Dongguan to Conghua to meet me.

Brother baozi also took good care of me and provided me with advice and equipment.

This car has been with me for two years.

④ (above) it’s a tourist bike.

It’s my second car sponsored by brother baozi.

Now I’m riding it.

● the equipment displayed should not be taken with everything, but should refer to the purpose, distance and time of each ride..