Good thigh training is good for riding!

Good thigh training is good for riding! Improved leg strength can help achieve a more balanced physique.

Robert F ö rstemann, a German track cyclist, put forward some suggestions.

You can try these four exercises to exercise your thighs, calves and quadriceps femoris.

Squat jump Squat jump is one of the best ways to improve explosive force.

Squat jumping is beneficial to cycling because it is a comprehensive training for the back leg muscles and is suitable for pedaling.

In order to exercise the leg strength of cycling, you should ensure a correct low position when squatting and jumping, so that your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Then from this position, try your best to jump as high as possible, while keeping your arm close to your hips.

Don’t use your arm to create some power for jumping up, because you need to train your legs.

15 squats and jumps are divided into a group, and 4 groups of training are carried out each time.

When doing it, you should be faster and harder, so as to strengthen the leg strength.

● The lunge is also a very good comprehensive exercise to improve leg strength, mainly exercising quadriceps femoris, hindquarters, buttocks and calf muscles, and also solving some slight imbalance of thigh strength.

First stand on the front and back feet, then walk forward with one foot to bend the knee 90 °, and then place the weight on the heel of the front foot, so that your body can return to the starting position, and then switch to another foot.

This is once.

Repeat 16 times.

Single leg trampling can exercise your hip flexors.

The exercise method is: first, ride the bike normally, then release one foot, step on the other foot for 2 minutes, and then step on the other foot for 2 minutes.

This is a group.

Repeat 3 groups.

At first, you may find that when you ride on one foot, you will feel unbalanced, because your hip flexors are weak.

But the more you practice, the stronger your hip flexors will be, and you will find that your lifting and stepping become just as good.

Lift your calves Your calves are constantly bent and stretched during riding, so when you don’t ride a bike, standing on tiptoe will imitate the action of riding a bike.

Such training can enhance the strength of your calves.

Stand on a plane with your feet shoulder width apart, then stand on tiptoe slowly, move steadily, and then slowly put down your heels.

A group of 20 times, three groups of training.

If you think it is very simple, you can cooperate with the squat combination training, which also trains the thigh and quadriceps.

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