Go for the better | Come here and ride the black technology on the way!

In the last issue, we checked out the cycling route of the West City → set out for the beautiful | At the nearest place to the Red Wall, we witnessed the rebirth of the old Hutong.

Today, Su Ning, a reporter from Beijing Traffic Radio, will take you to visit the ride routes in Haidian District.

The theme of the routes is “wisdom treasure”.

This route starts from the Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum, passes the Capital Gymnasium, the National Library, Danling Street, Peking University, the Summer Palace and the Summer Palace, and ends at the Wukesong Gymnasium.

You can feel the intersection and integration of ancient civilization and modern technology through this cycling route.

Are you ready? Mr.

Lao She once said, “Autumn in Peiping is heaven on earth.” How beautiful can autumn be in Beijing? Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum may give you an answer.

Although it faces Beijing Zoo across the river, it is more quiet and beautiful.

Li Jing, a staff member of the museum’s opening department, proudly said: Li Jing: Our venue was located in a royal Tibetan Buddhist temple in the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Zhenjue Temple; You can see the largest and most precious cultural relic of our museum – Vajra Pagoda behind me.

This tower is composed of five small towers, which is called “Five Pagoda Temple” for short.

The towering pagoda of the Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum, the 600 year old ginkgo tree, and the sacred animal Bixi carry stone tablets with deep and shallow handwriting, recording the stories of the past.

Walking out of the museum is the “Five Pagoda Temple Road”, which has been rated as one of the ten most beautiful streets in Beijing.

The red non motorized vehicle lane is paved along the way, and the branches on both sides are swaying in the autumn wind, making cyclists shout for comfort.

Citizen 1: There is less and less intertwined with motor vehicles.

There are also some green shades in the process of riding, and the riding environment has become very interesting.

Citizen 2: There is obviously a slow improvement.

When I ride a bike, I feel much safer than before.

Zhang Guanxue, a secondary investigator of Haidian District Urban Management Committee, said that in order to improve the green travel environment, Haidian District continued to increase the construction of slow traffic system.

Zhang Guanxue: During the 13th Five Year Plan period, our district has carried out 217 slow traffic system management roads, with a total length of 233.8 kilometers.

Focus on the control of independent non motor vehicle lanes with a length of more than 2.5 meters, including the implementation of color shop for lane separation between motor vehicles and non motor vehicles, and the improvement of bicycle signs.

Riding all the way to Zhongguancun Street, the “electronic street” in the past is now full of tall buildings and glass curtain wall technology.

As the first national high-tech industry development zone and the first national independent innovation demonstration zone in China, Zhongguancun, which started 42 years ago, has entered the fast lane of development.

The data shows that Zhongguancun has established 25000 new scientific and technological enterprises every year for five consecutive years, 466 listed companies have been born, 102 unicorn enterprises have been established, and nearly 500 scientific and technological business incubators and university science parks have been cultivated…

It is increasingly becoming an important starting point for scientific and technological innovation and a main position for independent innovation in China.

And these scientific and technological and innovative achievements are gradually changing the daily life of the people.

Zhongguancun rides through the intersection of Danling Street and Zhongguancun Street auxiliary road, and the voice prompt on the light pole will speed up with the second reading of the signal light.

The luminous zebra crossing makes the “bow head clan” also notice the signal light…

Such “black technology” is making the riding road more intelligent.

Citizen 1: The luminous strip on the ground is rarely seen in other places.

People who play with mobile phones may see it more clearly.

Citizen 2: It is through this smart transportation that the quality of our citizens has been greatly improved, and the city is becoming more and more civilized.

At the Haidian (Zhongguancun Science City) City Brain Exhibition and Experience Center, the lecturer introduced the “new infrastructure” in this intelligent field.

As the first urban brain intelligent operation command center built in Beijing, it can realize multiple perception, intelligent analysis, overall command and other functions in urban management, public safety, transportation, emergency command and other fields.

Zhao Zhizhong, a special investigator of Haidian District Urban Brain, said that, in the next step, Urban Brain will carry out transformation and upgrading work in combination with the construction of Traffic Brain 2.0, and consider upgrading and building the smart city neuron system project with relevant departments on the basis of the existing perception network.

Zhao Zhizhong.

Using neurons as edge computing can assist in the governance of urban brain data, as well as related work of edge recognition, computing and data transmission, can save some related computing power of urban brain, reduce the burden of urban communication and power consumption, directly reflect information, and the reflected scenes can be quantified and indexed.

Zhao Zhizhong also specifically mentioned the “Haidian wisdom” in the field of transportation: Zhao Zhizhong: Haidian City Brain has made some effective and beneficial explorations with technology.

To build an intelligent transportation demonstration area in Zhongguancun West District, the parking data of 29 street towns, more than 300 communities and more than 500 commercial parking lots are accessed through intelligent static parking management scenes.

We can guide citizens to park through the roadside large screen, our mobile navigation and some WeChat programs, which is very convenient.

After passing through Zhongguancun, the “City of Scientific Innovation”, you can also ride southward through the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace.

The ancient three mountains and five parks and the wisdom of modern civilization shine in the collision of passion.

Wang Sen, deputy director of Haidian District Culture and Tourism Bureau, said: Wang Sen: The three mountains refer to Xiangshan Mountain, Yuquan Mountain and Wanshou Mountain, and the five parks refer to Jingyi Garden, Jingming Garden, Summer Palace, Yuanming Garden and Changchun Garden..