Get applause for riding, and guard will become a “police”! Chizhou Public Security Guard the “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” Cycling Race

The first Anhui “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” Cycling Race (Shitai Station) and China • Shitai Road Cycling Open were officially opened in the morning of November 20.

On the morning of November 20, the first Anhui “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” Cycling Race Shitai Station and China • Shitai Road Cycling Open were officially opened in Shitai County.

In order to do a good job in the security work during the event, the Shitai County Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it, planned ahead, organized meticulously, took multiple measures at the same time, concentrated the police force, and put it into the event security duty, successfully completing the security task.

In order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of this activity, the Public Security Bureau of Shitai County has established a leading group for the security of the event and held a special meeting to arrange the deployment.

The leaders of the county public security bureau and the heads of the relevant police departments inspected the venue on the spot to eliminate potential safety hazards.

At the same time, the security work plan for the event shall be formulated to clarify security tasks, strengthen security measures, implement security responsibilities, and require the police on duty and auxiliary police to do a good job of security work for the event with the most adequate preparation and the most solid work to ensure absolute safety.

During the event, the police on duty and the auxiliary police shall perform their respective duties, cooperate with each other and work together to actively ensure the security of the event site and the site along the event line.

The patrol around the event site and along the road was strengthened, and the police deployment was strengthened for the sections with large flow of people and vehicles to ensure the safety of cyclists, prevent traffic congestion and accidents, and effectively ensure the safe and orderly progress of the entire event.

The riders on the track sweat to enjoy the speed and passion.

The police and auxiliary police on the side of the track stand to ride for a more beautiful track.

One by one, the riders galloped and received applause, That touch of public security blue will become a scene.

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| Editor Wang Li | Checked by Zhang Peng | Dong Jingjing previously recommended Chizhou public security to strengthen the deployment of strict patrolling and improve the “double improvement” work quality and efficiency.

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