Future citizens’ Dragon Boat Festival one day camp (6.7) cycling experience camp recruitment ‖ one of the wind chasers · wind breaking

(Note: the picture comes from Qiandao Lake cycling summer camp for future citizens) we are like the wind.

We are teenagers chasing the wind.

Look at our track.

143 kilometers.

The world’s first beautiful Qiandao Lake.

154 kilometers.

The cycling is completed.

120 kilometers.

The lush Chishui River Valley.

120 kilometers.

The “4+2” 360 kilometers of Cangshan Erhai Lake.


Qinghai Lake life.

Plateau blue “4+2” 420 kilometers.

Accompanied by coconut wind and sea rhyme, we go all the way to the ends of the world to measure “the remoteness of the land” with wheels Measure the “southernmost of the sea” with wheels.

We are in Qinghai Lake.

We ride in the rivers, lakes and seas of the motherland.

Join us.

First, we learn about the recruitment of one-day riding experience camp from the one-day camp.

See the wonderful part01 breaking the wind.

The power of teaming up ants.

In the future, citizens will have no activities and no education.

The battalion commander said this – why break the ice? If a child takes part in an activity for the first time, he usually has two kinds of mentality.

A state of mind of fear.

Strange partner, strange environment, strange place.

Fresh mentality.

Fun, interesting, full of expectation.

Ice breaking – campers run and speak to each other as much as possible in a short time to resolve the ice in their hearts.

Before finding the belonging of the team, they should first integrate into the big group.

Why group? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? From the three needs to the fifth needs are: social needs, respect needs and self realization needs.

At present, the wind breaking team is in progress, and each team will show its style later.

1 External belonging and integration.

Team name, slogan and flag.

2 Inner self realization and integration.

Role substitution and task substitution.

(Note: the picture is from Guizhou cycling summer camp for future citizens) part02 cycling · literacy athletes are of the same level 1 Equipment wearing 2 Key points of speed change and braking 3 Cycling exercise warm-up 4 The future citizens will have no activities and no education.

The battalion commander said – why do you want to test ride? From the perspective of riding on the road, professional, professional, safe, safe, not much here.

From the perspective of growth: how to avoid children’s inferiority complex? I.

test ride.

Guide children step by step – circle drawing principle: Adults draw half a circle first and children draw the other half.

Instead of the child painting all at once, let the child feel more incompetent.

This is true at every stage of the test ride.


Like + familiar = confidence.

Wearing cycling equipment (cycling clothes, elbow pads, knee pads, helmets, ice sleeves, etc.) basic explanation of bicycle braking and speed change exercise trial riding (this part of the picture is from the future citizens’ Guizhou cycling summer camp) This picture is a picture of future citizens’ past actions to break the wind.

Part03 green · children’s camp with the same riding style covers an area of 2300 mu.

It is the first specialized green camp for youth social practice and camp activities in Shanxi Province.

Young people with the same riding style will ride about 4 kilometers on the road in the camp in the morning.

Future citizens will have no activities and no education.

The battalion commander said this – why should each child have a role? While understanding the knowledge of riding, the wind breaker, climber, and Racer In the camp activities, each small partner will have his own role.

The role is different only in terms of division of labor.

Why? If a team has only one captain, other partners may always belong to the subordinate position and be used to being led, whether in the school or in the future society.

It is more important for children to find and think about their own values in the process of making them feel like “the most important person today” (there are many more about how to make children more “important”…

The actual picture of the road conditions of the green riding in this camp.

The video of the one-day Riding Camp of the wind breaking action.

The campers are uniformly equipped with small bags of green materials, which are eye-catching and convenient for riding, finishing and escorting by teams.

They are all equipped with the future citizen Giant Bicycle equipment all the way safely and reliably (the above photos are from the future citizen wind breaking action one-day camp) Part04 pump channel · experience who competes with others professionally create a wave line pump channel to experience the best place to test riding technology.

Future citizens’ past campers’ pump channel experience video local pump channel experience real map part05 forest · cross country wind breaking action four forests and two sites are specially paved for riding jungle cross-country road experience (all the photos below are real photos of the camp riding Park) Hellosummerpart06 energy · supplement future citizens have no activities and no education.

The battalion commander said this – and energy supplement? Similar to the one-day Experience Camp of the wind breaking operation, future citizens have held dozens of sessions.

As for Qiandao Lake, Qinghai Lake and Guizhou camp No matter one day or many days, energy supplement is essential.

Pulse, dove Child, you are only responsible for making fun of yourself.

Part07 medal · application about the journey morning wind breaking group · team name, role riding literacy · helmets, brakes and speed changing points · green riding · wind breaking action in the afternoon · who can compete in the forest cross-country · pump channel experience 01 instructions for enrollment · 7-15 year old children alone · height above 123cm, A baby who is skilled in riding, healthy and suitable for outdoor activities [activity time]: June 7, 2022 (increase the camp period according to the number of applicants) [activity cost]: 360 yuan / person.

(if it is forwarded by the circle of friends for two days, you can contact the teacher with the screenshot to refund 20 yuan) [fee includes]: transportation bus, catering, event props, various project experiences, coaches, insurance and event organization fees..