From Z900 to Daniel, riding became a part of his life

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JC talks with you about motorcycles.

The young man who bought the Z900 with five years’ salary came again today.

This time, he also appeared with his Z900 short film.

However, he seemed not to stop after changing the Z900.

Recently, he focused on Kawasaki Daniel — zx-10r.

First of all, it’s still good for all the riders.

Yes, it’s me, the idiot who bought the thief 900; It should be more than a year since my last article.

My little 9 also celebrated his one-year birthday in January this year.

This time, I’m here to tell you the story of this period and the road after that.

Since I had my little 9, my life has generally been spent as I expected.

Although there were several major stories during this period, one was about feelings and the other was about career, but they were all OK.

I passed them all.

As expected, I still applied for the saying that motorcyclists are not worthy of love (hahahaha, joke).

In the past year or so, the most thing I have done is to drum up the small 9.

I have learned a lot of relevant professional knowledge.

For example, braking is not just a caliper problem, it involves tires, brake pads, pumping and even shock absorption.

With the deepening of my study, I am also changing the installation of the small 9 step by step, first pumping, then tires and brake pads, and finally steel roar.

I have only changed the caliper of the rear wheel, The front is not because it is unnecessary, but because there is no money, hahaha.

Let’s go further.

In the past, riders basically held a 50-50 attitude towards my purchase of a car.

Now, I want to report to you that I don’t regret it.

Life continues, but it’s also very realistic.

I haven’t got a girlfriend yet.

In fact, speaking of this, I still have deep feelings.

Once you have a girl you like, no matter how expensive your motorcycle is, it can’t stand the rain, the summer sun and the winter cold.

When I was alone, I didn’t think it was a problem.

But with the other half, you really think it would be better to buy a car in the first place.

However, fortunately, I still chose motorcycles, the life of a single man.

When I collapsed, it was little 9 who was beside me.

When I laughed happily, I still rode little 9 around the suburb one after another.

During that time, there was a traffic accident (the other party was responsible for the retrograde).

My family almost sold my car.

But I still said firmly that I only have motorcycles.

If you sell them, I have nothing.

As I ride for longer and longer, I feel more and more that it is not my transportation tool, but my brother and lover.

I feel that I can go anywhere with it alone.

I really feel that way.

I go to the top of the mountain in the middle of the night, look up at the rising sun and listen to the sound of birds.

At that moment, my soul is sublimated.

After I get healthy after work, I will sit with it at the gate of a convenience store for one night, Although it can’t speak, it seems to say everything.

Then let’s talk about the next road.

I’m ready to order Daniel at the end of the year.

Hahahaha, since I entered the pit motorcycle, the first car I saw was the six eyed demon God and Daniel.

Along the way, I didn’t expect that I would finally complete my dream of being a motorcycle guy.

Finally, I think I will ride the motorcycle all the time.

It has become an integral part of my life.

I wish you all can fulfill your dreams.

I wish your youth will bloom like flowers!!!..