Frisbee, cycling, tail wave surfing… National Day tour, “impromptu vacation” plays the leading role!

Author Tang Weike, intern Yang Siqi editor Lin Xi Tuyuan/21th Century Economic Report National Day holiday, the public travel intention increases.

According to the data of Ctrip, the average daily order growth of tourism during the recent National Day holiday has exceeded 30%, and the booking of peripheral and local tours is entering a warming stage.

This year, many places advocate local holidays on National Day, and local leisure and short trips in the province are still the mainstream of holidays.

According to the Meituan research report, 70% of users said that they would choose to travel in the province or city on this National Day.

“We haven’t decided where to go this year.” Ms.

Zou (not her real name), who lives in Guangzhou, told the 21st Century Economic Reporter.


Zou is keen on traveling.

She was already packing her bags for the trip at this time in the past, but she did not plan to travel this year to save trouble.

“The epidemic is repeated, and with children, it is not easy to go anywhere, but she will also check with her family to see if there is a good place to play around.” It is worth noting that under the normalization of epidemic prevention, more than 50% of users will choose to make temporary plans within 3 days or even the same day before the trip.

The report proposes that “impromptu vacation” based on the characteristics of “temporary decision-making, local exploration, and minority play” will become a new trend of the National Day holiday.

The diversity of play methods is affected by the uncertainty of the epidemic situation.

Most users will choose to travel in the local suburbs and around the country this National Day.

In the week before the holiday, the search related to local and surrounding tours on Meituan’s platform increased 440% month on month, and the search in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities increased significantly.

According to the booking data on the Tuniu tourism website platform, as of September 21, 64% of the tourists went out of the local and surrounding areas during the National Day holiday, and 36% went out of the long-term tourism.

Among the “National Day Carnival” product recommendations, theme parks, leisure vacations, rural tours, seashore vacations, parent-child tours and other travel themes are popular choices for local and peripheral users.

Among them, the number of rural tour orders rose rapidly.

Ctrip released the 2022 National Day Forecast Report, which shows that the orders of rural tourism products during the National Day Golden Week increased by 36% year on year, and the bookings of rural home stay increased by nearly 30% year on year.

Among rural tourism customers, parent-child families account for 35%, much higher than other tourism formats.

Specifically, tourists prefer light outdoor experience.

On the public review, the search popularity of “country parks”, “camping”, “climbing” and “pulp board” has increased significantly month on month.

In addition, with the arrival of the autumn harvest season, autumn harvest experience products such as lotus root digging, rice cutting and fish catching are also popular with tourists.

The reporter of the 21st Century Business Herald has learned that there are only a few places left for the seven day activity of digging lotus roots by parents and children in a natural education base around Guangzhou.

The relevant person in charge told the reporter that many parents had started consulting and booking a week ago, and now they are fully booked three days before the National Day.

For young people, frisbee, cycling, wakewave surfing, canoeing, waist flag rugby and other light outdoor sports have become popular experience projects that the group pays attention to.

It is understood that the search popularity of frisbee, canoe and one-day ride products has increased by 50%, 74% and 80% respectively.

In the local tour of the city, “the new style of the old place” is highly sought after.

For example, Zuixilou Guofeng Tea House, located in an old western-style house in Shanghai, not only has Suzhou Pingtan, Guzheng and other themed performances, but also provides an immersive afternoon tea experience of “Han costume changing”.

In addition, many unique shops, such as the all-in-one sports hall that can play wind tunnel skiing and surfing, and the treasure store that can roll alpacas to see the magic of the stars, are also popular with users.

“With the upgrading of various commercial formats, people have become more and more flexible and eager to explore travel, and leisure vacation and local life demand are moving towards integration.

Consumers can obtain diversified life experiences by tapping the rich supply of local platforms, which will also form an effective boost to the consumption of the National Day holiday.” Wu Ruoshan, a special researcher of the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said.

The National Day Golden Week is a key period for the tourism market in the second half of the year.

All online platforms and offline entities work together to stimulate the vitality of the National Day tourism market.

Online accommodation orders offer many benefits.

From September 26 to October 7, users can log in to the Tongcheng Travel Platform and receive an exclusive gift package for National Day worth more than 1600 yuan.

Special gift packages are available for three nights’ stay, high-end hotel reservations, etc.

They can also receive exclusive red packets for brands such as Intercontinental Hotel Group, Voco Hotel, Holiday Inn, etc.

Hotels are also expanding their service scope to attract more consumers.

The first home like trip launched the “Beautiful World, Arrive on Time” 11 travel special edition, focusing on Beijing, Nanjing, Changsha, Dali and other popular destination landmark attractions, to create a three-day and two night travel strategy covering route planning, accommodation experience, scenic spot tips and food strategies.

It aims to tap the local culture and meet the users’ demands for fun inspiration and lifestyle in an all-round way.

In addition, local tourism consumption is also boosted through cooperation with tourism platforms.

Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, together with Ctrip, carried out a special live broadcast of “Understanding Guangzhou”, providing various playing methods for different tourist groups, such as parent-child tours and friendship.

The audience can enjoy various preferential rights and interests by receiving full discount coupons, expansion coupons or participating in live interaction.

The popularity of the whole live broadcast exceeded 2.8 million.

On the Ctrip platform that day, the visit popularity in Guangzhou increased by 45% month on month, and the order amount of ticket play products in Guangzhou increased by 98% year on year.

It is worth mentioning that with the efforts of all parties, Hainan’s tourism market affected by the epidemic is expected to recover.

On the evening of September 28, Marriott International Group took out 25 high star hotels all over Hainan and worked with Ctrip’s official anchor team to build momentum for Hainan’s tourism recovery..