Forecast name | xiaoguiwan paragliding, coastal cycling, farmhouse | Huizhou

The forecast name of riding and Paragliding in Xiaogui Bay, Huizhou is any month in 2022, When and date – free choice (date to be determined according to the number of people, can be reserved) 01 itinerary introduction activity type: – Huizhou xiaoguiwan seaside cycling – Lunch farmhouse – activity time: any month in 2022 (date to be determined, can be reserved first) itinerary days: one-day tour number of people: 20 people, activity groups: parent-child tour, team activity Single, double and multi person group transportation modes: charter, self driving Public transportation to Xiaogui wharf 02 in Huizhou, Guangdong activity 1: Xiaogui Bay Coastal drive + Lunch farmhouse entertainment cost: 128 yuan / person.

The cost includes: 1) charter round-trip cost (including driver) 2) Xiaogui Bay Coastal rental car ride rent 3) lunch farmhouse picnic 4) outdoor insurance (accident insurance 20W) 5) drugs (only for external hemostatic first aid and daily use of drugs) 6) precautions for event planning and leader’s allowance: if there are potential safety hazards such as large sea waves and sudden rainstorms on the day of the event, the leader has the right to temporarily cancel the event, postpone the event or adjust the itinerary of the event.

Registration refund: if the team member is unable to participate in the activity after registration due to his own reasons, he will withdraw 72 hours before departure, and the deposit will be refunded in full; If you exit 72 hours after departure, the deposit will not be refunded (you can change a suitable person to take the top seat).

Please understand that you need to book in advance and buy food materials, insurance, etc.) Activity 2: small eagle beak paragliding (optional, self funded) cost: paragliding: 698 yuan / person (individual, scattered group) group purchase price: 620 yuan / person (more than 10 people can enjoy preferential price) the cost includes 1) paragliding + paragliding safety knowledge training (10-20 minutes) 2) paragliding flight experience (about 15 minutes) 3) accompanying coach 4) personal accident insurance 5) precautions for paragliding equipment 1) the paragliding project is located on the top of the mountain and can drive or ride.

Or take the bus to the top of the mountain at your own expense.

2) paragliding has high requirements for weather and wind direction.

Businesses need to know whether the wind direction is suitable for flying one day in advance.

If they can’t travel due to weather reasons, they can change the date or refund in full.

03 registration method registration time: from now on to noon the day before departure (full) registration method: registration method 1:1) add the team leader “sea” wechat: egmv617 # or telephone contact: 136864327852) send the desired place, telephone and estimated arrival time to the team leader 3) pay the advance charge of 50 yuan to the team leader, and the registration is successful! Please pay the full amount for getting on the bus after departure.

Registration method 2:1) identify the following QR code, communicate and understand the registration: 04 assembly time / place / specific itinerary, self driving Public transport will gather at 10:30, charter bus from Xiaogui pearl parking lot at 7:20, depart from exit b of Bao’an central subway at 7:40, depart from exit A2 of Shenzhen University subway at 8:00, depart from exit b of Lianhua North subway station at 10:00, arrive at Xiaogui Bay scenic spot at 10:0012:30, ride along the coast of Xiaogui Bay, (2-3km from the coastline) at 12:30, have lunch, rest at 14:00, paragliding (at your own expense), watch the sea, continue riding and gather at 17:30, Return to each home by yourself 05 main activities of the trip out – xiaoguiwan greenway cycling around the sea, xiaoguiwan coastline cycling around the sea, visit the coastal greenway, cool sea breeze, mountain and sea wonders, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea.

Daya Bay Xiaogui greenway is a scenic spot here.

Few people know or know that there is such a place, but they don’t know how to get there.

This trip, after arriving, choose your favorite bike and start the activity! Outing lunch , Nongjiale picnic , arrive at Xiaogui Nongjiale seaside picnic point, which can accommodate hundreds of people.

Close to the mountain and the sea, the boiler cookers for outdoor picnic are specially prepared for tourists to aftertaste the fun of farm picnic and autumn outing, which can accommodate hundreds of people to eat at the same time.

The team leader is responsible for receiving boiler cooking utensils.

The team members select fresh fruits and vegetables in the vegetable field, catch local chickens, fish and shrimp, pick up firewood, etc.

according to their preferences, share the fun of original farmhouse cooking, and cook delicious dishes according to their tastes.

Cooking utensils: frying pan, frying spoon, kitchen knife, vegetable cutting board, Vegetable Bowl, vegetable washing basin, vegetable leakage and other processing tools.

Out – flying experience of xiaoyingzui paraglider.

Xiaoyingzui flying base is located in the southwest of Aotou, Xiaogui village, back to the mountain and the sea.

It is a half fishing and half rural area.

With beautiful mountain and sea scenery, the sea and sky are the same, clear and blue, and the sea level is endless.

It is a feng shui treasure land for paraglider pilots.

It is one of the best sites for Haifei in China, with an altitude of about 100 meters.

The mountain is southwest northeast, with a total length of about 5 kilometers and surrounded by the sea on three sides.

The flying wind direction is East, Southeast, South and southwest.

The mountain is 200 meters high, the highest flight record is 1500 meters, and the longest blank time is 7.5 hours.

06 activity equipment {1) backpack: it is convenient to carry personal belongings, drinking water, snacks, etc..