Five motorcycles ride in groups, running side by side! Interviewed by traffic police

On September 7, people reported that Meiqing Road, Mechanical Avenue, Qingshen County, Meishan City, was suspected of “street bombing” by motorcycles.

Meishan Public Security Traffic Police Detachment immediately launched investigation and evidence collection, and locked the parties.

From the video, this group of friends lined up on the road, and the battle was very big.

No wonder someone reported it.

On September 9, the police informed the traffic police brigade of five motorcycle riders and punished them for their traffic violations.

At the same time, the police carried out criticism and education to remind drivers to enhance their awareness of traffic safety and self-protection, and not to disturb people with the noise of “fast cars blasting the streets” on the road.

The main thing is that the row is too big.

What do you think of the car!.