Finally, we will convene a special training camp for cycling and speech 200 kilometers around Guangzhou in winter vacation, waiting for you

Miasma goes into the clouds and smoke in the south of the Yangtze River.

Looking at the Yellow Mao, it is the seaside.

The rain and sunshine in the mountainside add signs, and the sun in the heart of the pond warms and the Dragon salivates.

Liu Zongyuan’s song “a trip to the Lingnan River” outlines the beauty of ecology and civilization in greater Guangzhou.

During this winter vacation, Kung Fu Knight launched the “special training camp for 200 km cycling speech around Guangzhou”.

The Olympic Asian Games torchbearer, Mr.

Wang Wei, carefully designed a professional cycling team and senior speech teacher, gave heavy blessings to lead Guangzhou teenagers to touch century old trees, ride through the most beautiful mountain villages and overlook the magnificent coastal scenery, Chengfeng studies aviation.

It is inevitable to encounter obesity, myopia, dwarfism The special training camp will help teenagers overcome the pain points of growth through the scientific education system and bring you a new winter vacation riding experience.

After a distance of 200 kilometers, the teenagers will accept the scientific riding physical challenge and savage physique to lay a solid foundation for the high school physical examination.

In five days and four nights, the teenagers will bid farewell to video games and visit the natural scenery in the outer suburbs of Guangzhou for a visual cure Accompanied by professional teachers, young cyclists from many places in the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas will feel delicately and confidently, leaving their own growth imprint.

Course introduction day-1 zengjiangbaili Gallery Station – 50km – the first day, Far away from the hustle and bustle of the main urban area of Guangzhou, the teenagers walked along the river, looked at the beautiful scenery of Li Township stretching for hundreds of miles in front of them, and recited the popular Lingnan poems.

Many people hugged the century old litchi tree and black olive tree in the gallery.

They didn’t feel the hardships and multiple experiences of riding.

On the first day, they had a full harvest of day-2 riding into Nankunshan Station – 48km – the next day, Ride from Zengcheng to Conghua and walk into Zhengguo old street where “you can see the mountains, see the water and remember your homesickness” to find delicious food.

After enjoying it, start a windbreaking journey, challenge the 15 kilometer long uphill mountain road and ride into the “oasis on the Tropic of cancer” — Nankun mountain overlooks the distance, mountains rush, open your mind and cultivate the spirit of courage.

Day-3 Conghua Liuxihe station — 30 kilometers — the third day, Challenge 30 km Liuxi River greenway from mountain to water to find roots in Guangzhou’s “Mother River” ——Conghua Liuxi River takes half a day to give the blue sky to the aviation research and learning base to receive flight science education, make model aircraft, learn the flight principle of fixed wing aircraft, with the help of professionals, make a high-altitude bird’s-eye view of the young captain and ride the map, then take the model aircraft to the next station, day-4 Huadu Hongshan Village Station – 40km – the fourth day, Bid farewell to the magnificent nature and ride 40 kilometers against the wind to interview a great village – Hongshan village from devastation to nirvana.

From the affected village to the most beautiful village in Guangzhou, Hongshan village has made unremitting efforts for 20 years to explain to every visitor what is ecological protection and Rural Revitalization! Day-5 Nansha zuimei Binhai Station – 32km – 32km ride on the last day, accompanied by the sea breeze, came to the hub of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area – Nansha to feel the historical details of “sighing odd things in the ocean” and experience the unique “Mazu civilization” teenagers in the sea area.

At the camp closing ceremony, they spoke confidently and wrote their own era pride, growth value and savage physique, Self confidence speech is the core growth value of the 200 kilometer journey provided by this special training camp for young people.

The riding coach personally teaches and escorts them, so that young people can learn riding skills, feel the fun of riding, exercise and break through themselves on the premise of safety The speech course of savage growth for 5 days and 4 nights, under the guidance of famous lecturers, leads the children to feel the power and beauty of language, helps the children improve their eloquence and expression ability, expresses their riding experience more freely, smoothly and confidently, and learns to share those unforgettable stories, so as to make the teenagers’ journey “worthwhile”.

Course arrangement # the accommodation environment of the course design team is safe ✅ We promise to bring our children out safely and back safely; ✅ Before departure, professional coaches will train the basic knowledge and riding skills of bicycles, such as getting off skills, riding posture, riding safety, braking, speed change, turning, etc; ✅ There are professional host speech teachers, national and industry certified cycling leaders and outdoor first aiders throughout the process (the ratio of teachers is 1:6); They all have rich practical teaching experience in youth riding, speech and so on; ✅ The team is equipped with 24-hour emergency support vehicles to ensure that emergency support can be obtained at the first time in any case; ✅ The riding equipment is a professional mountain bike (20 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, which can be selected according to the child’s height), equipped with a full set of protective equipment, including riding gloves, helmets, front bags, kettle racks, etc; ✅ We will buy professional outdoor insurance worth 500000 for each student; ✅ Wechat group broadcasts the dynamics of the special training camp in real time every day, so that parents can understand their children’s situation at the first time.

Cost description ✅ Course cost: 4680 yuan / person ✅ The expenses include: 1.

5-day and 4-night high-quality accommodation, exclusive development of cycling routes, research and development of cycling courses and speech courses, as well as aviation base research courses + safe flight courses; 2.

Professional speech teachers, team leaders, photography and other high-quality and highly qualified teachers provide whole process teaching and security services; 3.

Every day, the students take customized commemorative photos, video records of camp closing ceremony speeches, micro documentary shooting and production and other valuable memories; 4.

Professional mountain bikes, helmets, riding tools, etc.

are rented throughout the process, and trucks are transported every day; 5.

1 set of cycling clothes, T1 quick drying pieces, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of knee pads, 2 sunscreen headscarves and 1 customized passport; 6.

Buses and logistics vehicles will accompany and escort the whole process, providing food, sports drinks, water and fruits for the team members anytime and anywhere; 7.

Provide professional riding training for each student before departure and purchase professional outdoor insurance; Customized juvenile gift medals and certificates; ✅ The expenses do not include: personal consumption, souvenir purchase and other expenses..