Father and daughter’s biking in Beijing: from Dadu to Shangdu (03): set out under the witness of elephant chariot

Father and daughter’s biking in Beijing: the chariot road from Dadu to Shangdu (01): the boat from Dadu to Shangdu (02) has become an elephant D01 overview: Date: Monday, July 20, 2020 weather: sunny, 24 ℃ – 35 ℃, two days before the great heat, super hot Super sun exposure starting point: Beitucheng Ruins Park, Haidian District, Dadu Jiandian sculpture ending point: Xiangtang village, cuicun Town, Changping District, important way: Beitucheng Ruins Park, Xiaoyuehe, Qinghe and Yongji bridge, Nansha River, Beisha River and chaozongqiao, Qinghe colorful city / wool textile North Community chaozongqiao Yang Zengxin tomb today key words: warm up, Relevant data of overthe River: d01-1: ride first.

July 20, 2020, sunny, three days before the summer solar term.

Today, we will officially start the “biking from Dadu to Shangdu”.

excitement! Uneasy! Although this one-way ride of 450 kilometers can only be a new level of initiation in the eyes of the old bird.

But for our father and daughter, it’s a challenge we haven’t experienced yet.

Of course, we are not reckless men who “blindly show off their strength”.

In terms of our father’s and daughter’s riding experience over the years, our parents and children have ridden many routes: Dayangshan Ring Road (30km), Ming Tombs Ring Road (about 65km) twice, wulongxia small ring road (about 50km), Shanshui Gallery Ring Road (about 120km), Wenyu River Tracing and downstream to the North Canal (about 50km one-way).

In the past few years, Most of us ride within 100 kilometers.

When Ziqi was 10 years old, she rode the longest in Shanshui Gallery, only 120 kilometers, and rode for 3 days (I had the opportunity to write, because of this multi day ride in 2017, she planted the seeds of many long-distance parent-child rides later).

At the age of 11, Wenyu River North Canal created the longest riding distance in a single day, about 93 kilometers.

In order to prepare for the Grand Canal ride this year, we also did some riding exercises of about 60 kilometers.

However, I was still a little nervous when I rode for 450 kilometers and climbed all the way from the Beijing plain with an altitude of about 50 meters to the Inner Mongolia Plateau with an altitude of about 1500 meters.

I was a little afraid of the long climb and my knees.

Ziqi, who has just celebrated her 13th birthday, seems more confident than me, but also reminds me not to set too high a goal for riding every day.

Therefore, I plan to ride the first day of the journey, feel the long-distance riding in midsummer, and see what adjustments need to be made according to the situation.

Just the first day, the distance from Jiandemen to Changping is also appropriate.

Just ride back from Changping to Xiangtang’s home for accommodation.

D01-2: set out in front of Kublai Khan’s elephant chariot (1) this semester, I have been making physical, psychological and material preparations for the next ride.

Although the route switching is shorter (from 2200km to 450km), it is more difficult.

The first is the terrain.

The riding of the canal is plain riding, and the highest Nanwang water ridge is only 38 meters above sea level.

To tell the truth, riding all the way from the foot of Yanshan Mountain in the upwind and Sheung Shui to the intersection of five rivers in the North Canal is a decline in altitude.

Going to Shangdu is faced with going uphill all the way.

First go to Nankou junduxing, climb Jundu mountain, then Yanshan Mountains and Dama mountains, and climb to the Inner Mongolia Plateau.

The second is the degree of convenience; The canals are crowded places for cycling.

Food and accommodation can be replenished at any time.

You can go and stop if you want.

If you can’t ride, you can also use other means of transportation to get around.

However, the northbound Shangdu is more and more vast and sparsely populated, and the supply points of accommodation and rest are far away from each other.

If something happens to the children or me, it’s not easy to deal with it for a while.

So, at the beginning, I was very tangled, mainly considering whether to bring a tent sleeping bag.

Finally, the decision was taken without a single foil foam pad.

It was light and big.

After all, if you can ride a long distance, you will have less weight.

Repair tools, spare inner tube, brake line, gear line, air cylinder, medicine and simple rain gear are mainly put in my backpack.

The foam cushion and purple little backpack are placed on the back shelf of her car.

Prepare some snacks every day.

Put water on each person’s kettle rack and water in his backpack.

After all, it’s dog days.

You must replenish water for a large amount of exercise, otherwise heatstroke is not fun.

In fact, the most important of all equipment is the bicycle cushion.

The uncomfortable cushion definitely makes you suffer every second.

Riding clothes and pants can be saved, and the seat cushion must be better.

Velo, recommended online, bought two for men and women.

After more than ten days of actual use, it is of high quality and low price, which is worthy of recommendation.

In addition, Ziqi’s eighth grade graduation project is to study insects.

Her family is raising two L3 instar larvae of Euphorbia macrocephala in South America, which are fat and big and difficult to serve.

Not when it’s hot, not even when it’s cold.

The humidity should be controlled, and the sawdust should be prevented from mildew.

It takes a lot of effort to settle the insects in a specific room and turn on the air conditioner for 24 hours.

As a result, when we came back, they were not in good spirits.

Later, they died.

I won’t mention it for the time being.

In short, the night before, everything was ready and everything was ready.

My sister felt it was a pity that she couldn’t go and comforted her.

Went to sleep with excitement.

(2) Get up at 6 am, have breakfast, and finally check the bike and equipment, and then put the bike on the bicycle frame behind the car.

Because we have to transport the bike to the starting point: yuantucheng ruins park.

Then take pictures of father and daughter in front of the car..