Exposure platform | inspection and correction record of riding electric vehicles without helmets

Since entering the Spring Festival transportation, the public security and Traffic Police Department of Susong County has strengthened the investigation and correction of riding electric vehicles without helmets and illegal manned vehicles.

Many citizens have copied traffic regulations at the scene or made 20 minutes of civilized traffic persuasion because they do not wear helmets| Source: Susong traffic police online | statement: the copyright belongs to the original author.

If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete the previous recommendation, which is related to the Spring Festival! Anqing issued the latest novel coronavirus pneumonia, the 92 phase of Wangan River to Susong, the first phase of the G347, the main tower of Susong, the first of the new highway, the new crown of the county, and the emergency command of the new county’s crown prevention and control of pneumonia was issued important tips.

Susong traffic police opened the strict management mode of riding electric vehicles without helmets.

Discipline training institutions will suspend online and offline education and teaching activities.

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