Eight suggestions for novices from veteran cyclists, please read them before starting!

In many cities, more and more people choose to ride bicycles to enjoy leisure time.

The heat of urban cycling is further heating up and fermenting, and it is difficult to find a hot sports bike.

According to the data of China Cycling Association, the number of cyclists in China has reached nearly ten million.

However, since there is no professional cycling organization and training, many new people are trying to ride on their own.

Here are some suggestions for new people who have just joined to avoid many detours.


If this is your first time to travel in a motorcade, you’d better join the motorcade; Generally, car stores in the same city have WeChat groups.

If you buy a car in a physical store, you can generally have this group.

If not, you can go to the store and ask.

Even if you don’t buy a car from them, most of them are willing to join you.

When participating in activities, it is recommended to arrive early, communicate with teammates, and ask if you don’t understand; Pay attention to obstacles and other teammates when riding; When leaving the team, be sure to tell the team leader or teammates; Don’t rush ahead of the captain; If you are marching in line, keep a constant speed, and do not suddenly brake or accelerate when turning; When you see obstacles, you should point out that you should not stare at the tyres of the team members in front of you, and don’t hit the tyres of the team members in front of you.


Don’t ride too long for the first time.

Don’t choose too long route for the first time.

Generally speaking, the first time a novice rides, it is almost 50 km a day.

If you participate in long distance and high-intensity activities for the first time, the results will be very tragic.

In addition, you should try to choose the round-trip route rather than the round trip route.

In this way, if you are tired, you can also take a break and wait, and then join when your teammates return.

The round trip means that you have no way back.


The ability is not enough.

Many novices have a strange idea.

We often receive such questions: I am a novice, do I need to wear a cycling suit? I’m a novice Do I need helmet gloves? You know, just because you are a novice and lack of experience, you should use equipment to make up for it.

The cycling clothes are designed to directly contact the skin, and their sweat conducting materials can quickly dissipate moisture.

The padded suede part of cycling pants is usually made of anti bacteria fiber.

The cotton will absorb water, causing inflammation or blisters on hips and thighs.

Helmets and gloves can ensure your safety.

These things are not for show.


Check the tire pressure before each ride.

Generally speaking, the tire pressure of a sports bike is higher than that of an ordinary bicycle.

According to daily experience, many novice tires tend to have insufficient tire pressure, which will increase the resistance when riding, make you feel more tired, and make it easier to puncture the tire, but the tire pressure should not be too high.

If it is in midsummer, pay attention not to expose the car to the sun during the rest.


The correct seat cushion height actually varies from person to person.

Generally, the heel steps on the foot.

At the lowest point, the leg is just straight.

At this time, when sitting on the seat cushion, the foot must not touch the ground.

Many novices start with a low seat cushion, which will cause pressure on the tendon connecting the tibia and knee; In addition, the overall center of gravity falls on the hips, which will not only hurt the knees and back, but also cause hip pain.

Therefore, you must adjust the height of the cushion before you start riding.

Some riders are afraid to raise the seat cushion because of the incorrect posture of getting on and off the bus.

At this time, you should first learn how to get on and off the bus.

It is absolutely not like sitting on the seat cushion and holding your feet on the floor.


Do not wait for hunger and thirst to eat or replenish water.

If you already feel hungry, it means you are too thirsty.

Before cycling, you should pay attention to replenishing enough water and nutrition.

No matter you are thirsty or not, you should drink a little water and eat some snacks on the road.

In the summer when you are sweaty, you should pay attention to supplement electrolytes.


Change the speed as required.

Low gear ratio can lead to higher stepping frequency.

If the legs feel hard, lower the gear ratio; If you feel that you can’t step on it with force, then increase the gear ratio.

Many novices go to the black in one gear.

It’s strange if you are not tired.

If you feel that the transmission is not smooth, there is abnormal noise or chain jumping, you need to adjust the transmission line.

If you don’t know how to adjust, you can go back to the store where you bought the car.


Traffic rules are common sense on this point: keep riding in a straight line and follow the traffic lights.

Don’t think about riding, be as strict as driving.

Don’t do difficult and dangerous actions, and don’t encourage others to drive fast.

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