Effective from September 1! When riding an electric vehicle, pay attention to

Point blue words to pay attention to the “Gulou micro civilization” and the administrative measures for electric bicycle license plates in Fuzhou City, which came into effect on September 1, drivers of electric bicycles must wear safety helmets, otherwise the traffic police department will impose a warning or a fine of 50 yuan on the drivers.

The traffic police remind that safety helmets are an effective measure to protect the life safety of drivers and passengers.

Civilized travel should start from now and every ride.

Drivers and riders of electric bicycles should wear safety helmets and form good habits.

According to the measures for the administration of electric bicycle license plates in Fuzhou City, drivers and passengers of electric bicycles in five cities (Gulou District, Taijiang District, Cangshan District, Jin’an District and Mawei District) should wear safety helmets.

According to the new regulations, if an electric bicycle driver does not wear a safety helmet, the traffic police department may impose a warning or a fine of 50 yuan on the rider.

Recently, at the intersection of Wushan road and Baima Road, it can be seen that many people riding electric bikes do not wear safety helmets.

At present, people riding electric bikes without helmets can be seen on the road from time to time.

It is understood that some of them have not bought safety helmets, while others have helmets but have not formed the habit of riding with helmets.

Fuzhou traffic police department informed that the promulgation and implementation of the regulations is aimed at strengthening the management of electric bicycles, enhancing the traffic safety awareness of electric bicycle drivers and maintaining the road traffic order.

Previously, the traffic police detachment of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau carried out a number of “one helmet and one belt” traffic safety law enforcement publicity activities, popularized the “Fuzhou urban electric bicycle license plate management measures” and the way to correctly wear safety helmets to the travelling masses, presented helmets, and advocated that electric bicycles should wear helmets according to regulations.

Cangshan traffic police launched the “one helmet and one belt” publicity activity at the intersection of Zexu Avenue, the second ring road.

(data picture) photo by Chen Nuan: the phenomenon of not wearing safety helmets when driving electric bicycles is frequent.

How important it is to wear helmets when riding.

Let’s take a look at a case published by lianjiang to illustrate the accident example.

At 15:30 on June 7, 2022, at the entrance of shuxiangli Road, Aojiang Town, Lianjiang county, Mao a * * * * B small car collided with the electric car riding by Yu.

Fortunately, Yu wore the safety helmet correctly, Played a certain protective role, only slightly injured.

According to statistics, about 80% of the death accidents of electric bicycle drivers and passengers are caused by brain injury.

Correctly wearing safety helmets can greatly reduce the risk of traffic accidents and play an important role in ensuring the life safety of the masses.

The traffic police issue electric bicycle safety helmets to riders and teach them to wear them correctly.

(Photo by Chen Nuan) with the promulgation and implementation of the new regulations, the traffic police department will further regulate the driving and management of electric bicycles on the road.

On September 1, the Fuzhou traffic police will carry out helmet wearing law enforcement activities to publicize the punished personnel and give them helmets.

According to the relevant personnel of the traffic police department, It is the last line of defense to reduce traffic accidents.

After the implementation of the new regulations, the traffic police will strengthen the management according to the relevant provisions, order the drivers and riders of electric bicycles who do not wear safety helmets to make corrections, and impose a warning or a fine of 50 yuan on the relevant perpetrators.

“Investigation and punishment is not the goal, but the ultimate goal is to let citizens develop the habit of consciously wearing helmets to travel safely.” The traffic police said// Source: Gulou micro civilization, content source: Fuzhou Evening News,.