Easy to remember riding skills

Riding skill “speed control” is the key skill.

Speed is the key to whether you will fall.

No matter how good the skill is, if the speed is too fast, it may slip.

It is recommended that you control the speed of riding in rainy days at 10 to 20km / HR, and the grip of tires in rainy days is very poor.

Therefore, it is necessary to “slow down” riding in rainy days.

Avoid “emergency braking”.

It is recommended to press the center of gravity back as much as possible when cycling, and then brake with both hands.

It is better not to brake to the end at one time, so it will be safer.

In addition, be sure to be calm during emergency braking, because the braking system of a bicycle is opposite to that of a locomotive.

Most of them belong to “front left rear right”.

If you accidentally brake on the wrong side, you will inevitably turn over several times.

Slippery “white line” because of the material, the probability of slipping on the white line in rainy days is doubled, so it’s better to flash away when you see the white line on the road.

It’s the same with the traffic signs, manhole covers, ditch covers on the road and the materials of marble and tile on the arcade floor.

There are many “puddle” traps.

Usually, we don’t know how deep the puddle is.

In order to avoid unnecessary bumps, we can avoid the puddle when we see that the puddle can be bypassed.

However, while bypassing, we should pay attention to the incoming cars at the left and right rear, so as not to avoid the puddle and collide with the cars next to us! Lengthening the distance between traffic lights and slippery ground will make the tire grip worse, so it is necessary to lengthen the braking time.

In particular, many traffic lights now have a second countdown device, which can grasp the second and distance of their own brake to ensure safety.

The “raincoat” for equipment safety should be selected.

It is suggested that you can find a more suitable raincoat to wear.

If it is dedicated to bicycles, there is no problem.

The corners of ordinary raincoats are easy to roll into the wheels.

Once rolled in, it is really bad! The “lights” should be bright enough.

In addition to the “reflective device” on the car, you must choose the lights that are bright enough.

If there are reflective strips on the raincoat, it is best.

Wear “windproof glasses” on rainy days.

If you wear windproof glasses, you can keep out the rain and have a clearer line of sight.

Choosing an anti fog mirror is safer.

“Fender” can help you keep out trouble, especially for commuters! When it rains, there is no fender, and the riders can only accept their fate and go home to wash their clothes.

Simple maintenance method: after the frame is placed upside down to the destination, remember to wipe the body dry.

Although the bicycle is designed with water holes, the water may not be discharged.

Even a small amount of water in the machine will rust the body.

Therefore, it is recommended that you take out the seat rod and put the frame upside down to let the rain flow out.

Chain maintenance steps: the chain is the most rusty part of the bicycle.

If it is not cleaned, it is easy to cause jamming and unpleasant noise.


If the chain is really dirty, you can brush off the large dirt with a special brush or toothbrush.


Then spray “chain oil” on the cleaning cloth.


Gently pinch the upper and lower sides of the chain, and slowly turn the pedal handle until it is wiped clean.

Natural drying leather products.

Many car friends will paint the seat cushion as leather.

If there is a rain cover, of course, it is best, but if there is, when the leather products are drenched in the rain, do not dry them with a hair dryer.

Wipe the seat cushion first and let it dry naturally in the shade.

Just follow the general leather maintenance procedures.

Tips: in rainy days, you can shake off the rain and mud by using the principle of shaking off the car, and then it will be easier to maintain it.

Editor: Li Zhihui source: cycling know it all..