During cycling, these behaviors annoy girls

It is said that women are not easy to mess with, but some people will annoy mushroom cools without knowing interest.

You may have said or heard the following statements.

Let’s see how they make girls feel unhappy.

The following is a confession from a female cyclist.

I also build mountains and highways.

I can also play cross-country.

I can also participate in competitions when commuting by bike.

I ride a bike with my children and have a small trailer.

Like most bicycle lovers, I will go online and offline to sweep goods, visit all kinds of drug information websites, and occasionally pour water in the forum.

However, on the tortuous road where I insist on cycling, from people’s words and deeds, I feel that I am just regarded as a woman riding a bicycle, not a cyclist.

I’m not blaming anyone.

I just feel that what people say or think may be seriously sexist because of cultural factors, which makes every female cyclist suffer.


In the competition, men and women set different bonuses (usually the bonus of women’s group is much lower).


Saying female riders shame men.

It sounds reasonable, but in fact, what it wants to express is that it’s a shame to be caught up by female riders.

In fact, the majority of men do not need to have such psychological pressure.

This is a big thing.

Don’t be so glass hearted.


Tell her to be careful when you don’t know the level of a girl at all.

When someone told me that, there were thousands of grass and mud horses galloping in my heart.

It’s a skill track and I see it.

If I pass the technical test, I will try.

There’s no need to be busy reminding me of the danger because I happen to have breasts and am a woman.

Men always have a desire to protect women.

Sometimes good intentions can turn bad.

Don’t remind a powerful girl.

You’ll be despised 4.

Think women can’t repair cars.

To tell you the truth, most women are not as capable as men.

If men continue to think we are so incompetent, it will undermine our confidence.


Recommend products to female customers and think they are only interested in color.

When I enter the car store to buy wheel sets or brake pads, I hope the clerk will tell me what products are available or how the details of the products are.

If the color is in my consideration, it’s OK.

Please don’t take the old idea.


Women’s groups are used as entertainment when reporting events.

Reporters, if you draw the key line when writing about the women’s champion, you are emphasizing that the competition is designed for men.

Women are only allowed to participate and not the key point.

No wonder we also wonder that the number of girls participating in the competition is so low.

▲ Rachel Atherton has won the world championship for many times, which is enough to show that women can also make great achievements in the field of cycling.


Promote the amateur race with less laps or mileage in the women’s group.

I don’t mean the Grand Prix, but it’s annoying that there’s no need to reduce laps in short-range competitions at the local level (such as XC).


Think our idols are all men.

In addition to the great achievements of Sally Bigham, Tracy Moseley and Rachel Atherton, there are many praiseworthy women in the circle.

However, there is little coverage of female knights in mainstream magazines.

Women can also be heroes in men’s hearts.

The moderate promotion of media magazines is also a high praise for the heroines in the circle who shed their blood in the professional arena.


Everything is pink.

The spread of pink makes people sick.

Women like beautiful things as much as men.

We like equipment or parts with a strong sense of design, but we don’t need to use this gender color for everything.

(many boys also like pink and rose red) 10.

Add sexual cues in marketing.

When promoting bicycle parts, it’s not appropriate to invite some sexy and fashionable models.

Women’s appearance is not defined by others.

We ride for health, freedom and interest, not to wear suspender shorts to look sexy.

If you package women as unrealistically beautiful and emphasize their appearance when promoting them in the industry, then you are emphasizing that the most valuable thing for women is their face (appearance) rather than their achievements.

Our attitude on this issue is that “getting on the podium” is our most original driving force.

You will think these are two kinds of people.

I know, I may just be an annoying feminist with politically correct ideas in my mind.

As a female freelance journalist in the cycling circle, how many articles have I written on this topic: why don’t more girls ride bicycles? Why is it still dominated by men? Why is there such an insurmountable gender gap in this sport? Of course, this is not anyone’s fault, but a cultural legacy.

But we can take measures to improve a little at a time, and please don’t call me “Lady”.

I’m a driver, OK? It may be difficult for most people to agree with the author, but she does put forward a great perspective…