Dream is a horse and fall to the ends of the world (riding log – Serial)

Dream is a horse, fall to the ends of the earth 17 days, Shanghai, April 28, 2013 1 Huge crowds of people are submerged in Nanjing Road, the Bund and Yu Garden.

They are like floats that are only thrown by waves.

Want a moment of peace and look forward to a moment of calm can only be delusions.

At this time, I can’t mention my interest and curiosity.

The rolling Yangtze River is turbid and anxious.

“Is it true that every time we are about to arrive at the place we look forward to day and night, we can’t restrain our excitement and want to show off to the world? How much is left when we set out? Who has the courage to stand at the mouth of the sea and confess everything to the world loudly?” Ideas ferment rapidly.

I didn’t stop at the “famous” Bund.

Bursts of river wind, disgusting fishy smell and all kinds of bad smell from passers-by suffocated me.

The Yangtze River, in my eyes at the moment, is just a dirty and ugly waterway.

Far away, the Oriental Pearl is also buried deep in the thick haze.

What can’t be seen.

At 14:28, he finally avoided the surging crowd and stole half a day’s peace in the bookstore.

“Young man, look at your face.

Your luck is deep!” A middle-aged man in a suit with a black leather bag on his shoulder came to chat me up when I entered the bookstore.

“Thank you!” His excessive enthusiasm made me doubt and even deeply disturbed.

Taking advantage of the situation, he put a hand on my shoulder and wanted to hold me and get closer to me.

Seeing that the situation was bad, I evacuated quickly and entered the book city quickly.

I understand that there is no need for “experts” to give advice.

Shopping in the bookstore is the only hobby on weekdays.

I’m very boring.

I smoke and drink.

I’m not good at everything.

I play games and stare at the mouse arrows flying around on the computer screen.

I feel dizzy and pour my stomach in less than a few minutes.

Go out and ride a bike.

You can’t take any interest in walking around by yourself.

It’s rare to make an appointment with your riders to go far.

All kinds of trivial things are overwhelming and busy.

It’s easy to steal half a day’s leisure.

It’s comfortable to go shopping in bookstores and bookstores alone.

More times, they gradually formed a habit and became a hobby.

Looking for a “idle book” in the sea of books and leaning in front of the bookshelf to read with interest, this feeling is great.

It’s wonderful to immerse in the world of books and have a heart-to-heart dialogue with the author.

I like to read travel notes.

I will never miss the opportunity to read new books on the market.

I think my stable heart became wild and uninhibited at that time.

So walking is a matter of time.

“Those who refuse to travel, refuse to be strange, and refuse to break away from narrow coordinates and communities will inevitably become more and more conservative, rigid, indifferent and selfish.

On the contrary, those eyes who silently step through thousands of mountains and see everything alone will retain the overall understanding of human beings and ecology.

Therefore, they also retain enough vision, insight and sympathy.”—— Yu Qiuyu (excerpt from Yu Qiuyu’s quotations) Mr.

Yu Qiuyu’s profound ideological realm and unique visual observation are not available to ordinary people, but along the way, he vaguely realized the weight of what he said from his inner changes and feelings about things.

The world is much richer and more three-dimensional than you think – friends, strangers who are eager to help you on the road, and those who have mocked and ridiculed you.

Seeing more and feeling more all the way, my heart will naturally be indifferent to it.

Warmth needs to be treasured, ridicule needs to be laughed off – Mr.

Yu Qiuyu said very well.

Friends like photography.

Some insignificant things in life can show a unique look as long as they pass through his eyes.

In his eyes, there is no good or bad, only shocking beauty.

“Beauty is everywhere.

What we lack is discovery.” Is it not the same truth about dreams? Everyone has colorful Chinese dreams, but how many people are brave to chase? Although I haven’t seen my friends for many years, I can find the original sincerity as soon as I meet them.

I think it must be the role of dreams.

On the road of life, the bright lamp called dream in the distance has narrowed the gap between the years.

These days, he was busy with his work and had no time to learn from him in detail about photography.

However, he was very generous and gave me his beloved camera for free.

He was so happy that I set out according to the rapid photography skills he told me.

In the alleys of Huaihai Road, bustling pedestrians shuttle among them, and the broad-leaved trees beside the road are tall and lush.

The houses here are typical European style buildings, with warm colors, and even people’s hearts are full of warmth.

A spotted dog with a drooping head was lying in the flowers, squinting at me, and three or five little sparrows were running up and down on the vine covered balcony – a beige set gradually rose in his heart, and the vivid image swam slowly on it.

Soong Ching Ling’s former residence is nearby, bypassing the alley to her former residence.

There are regular guards patrolling here.

It is surrounded by a high courtyard wall.

You can’t see the appearance in the courtyard at all.

I wondered why there was a small crack on the wall at the door.

If I didn’t look carefully, I couldn’t detect it.

After the explanation of the staff, I knew that this was her e-mail box.

It is said that Shanghainese are the best at living.

I’d like to have a look at it now.

A small two-story building, simple in shape, but dignified.

The walls of the whole building are all milky white wall ash.

Only the curtains and eaves are painted with dark green paint, giving people an elegant and atmospheric feeling.

I can’t see the small family spirit of Shanghai people at all, and my exquisite mind can be seen everywhere in the courtyard..