Dragon Boat Festival biking foundation camp ๐ž“œ 15km biking along East Lake greenway of wind chasing youth

We believe that in the heart of every child who loves riding, riding has different meanings! This is a kind of simple happiness, which uses the repeated alternation of legs and the simple mechanical movement of the chain driven by gears to expand the width of life.

Or an exploration of the unknown, or an understanding of life, or a breakthrough of self, or a sharpening of growth, Or a unique childhood memory…

Cycling “nothingcompareswiththesimpleasureofabikeride” — JFK “there is no simpler pleasure than cycling” โ€”โ€”John F.

Kennedy had a young man because of his love for riding.

He stepped on the greenway once in a while, crossed the steep slope, walked through the jungle, felt the morning breeze blowing his face, and felt like a free bird.

Riding is the most comfortable way of exercise in spring.

Moving along the path, watching the surrounding scenery slowly retreat, enjoying the touch of this moment.

Looking at the happy figures of the young man one by one.

Maybe this is the meaning of our organization of riding Chasing the wind youth ยท cycling group, the new 16km cycling route of East Lake greenway is looking forward to your joining! 01 riding harvest young people riding see a broad and wonderful world.

Riding is a feeling of freedom.

For the first time, young people use two wheels to start with their partners, feel the taste of freedom from the breeze in the forest, and gain a sense of control from the freely manipulated physical strength.

Children, let’s use riding to explore a larger and more wonderful world! Young people are in close contact with nature and keep fit.

Nowadays, it is difficult for children to have sufficient outdoor activities every day.

Cycling is a good recipe to help children grow up happily, and has unparalleled effects on their natural growth and development.

The riding road is full of unknown and tranquility.

In the natural tranquility and embrace, we deeply understand life and life.

Riding can improve cardiopulmonary function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance overall endurance, promote the development of children’s sports and balance ability, and improve children’s sports talent.

Juvenile riding exercise willpower riding is a sport of strength and endurance.

It helps to cultivate juvenile willpower.

Regular riding and trampling is also beneficial to the cultivation of concentration.

When we move forward with the team, we need teamwork; When a partner is injured or a bicycle breaks down, they need help from each other; When the direction deviates, we need to communicate and discuss together.

Children will learn and grow in this process.

As the saying goes, one person can ride very fast, while a group of people can ride farther.

02 the first equipment for cycling support and high teacher ratio is the bicycle.

In addition, there are some equipment to ensure our safety, such as riding helmet, riding gloves, knee pads, etc.

We will lead the children to learn these safety equipment and prepare for our pleasant trip.

This time, we choose the professional bicycle brand giante.

Giante bicycle is one of the largest bicycle production and marketing companies in the world.

With more than 30 years of professional experience in producing all kinds of bicycles, we meticulously build each part with advanced production technology and modern design concept to produce a reassuring and reassuring mountain bike.

Mountain bikes of corresponding sizes will also be equipped according to the height of children at different ages.

This Riding Camp provides each child with professional riding helmets, knee pads and elbow pads to ensure the safety of campers.

The ratio of professional riding coaches is about 1:6, and the ratio of high teachers is to escort the children’s riding.

The riding safety guidelines explain what else we should pay attention to when we are on the road? We will simulate the scene to explain the traffic rules for outdoor riding, gestures for communication during riding, emergency response methods, etc.

for children, so as to establish their awareness of safe riding.

Bicycle maintenance study and practice workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well.

Bicycle is a land vehicle driven by human foot pedal and two wheels driven by chain.

It is more convenient for us to check and repair the bicycle by knowing its structure.

One of the most important components of a car’s weight is two tires.

Tyre mending is a necessary skill in long-term cycling, which is a very challenging practice and requires both patience and skills.

03 cycling route cycling route: the 15km ring road of the East Lake greenway cycling difficulty: โ˜…โ˜… cycling route introduction: the starting point is the white horse post station, and the ending point is also the white horse post station.

It does not pass through the crowded Lake Road.

Characteristics: this route is around the lake, with beautiful scenery along the line, looking for a quiet place in the city It has neither the crowded people in the middle of the lake nor the muddy and desolate country roads.

The flat and spacious roads will not increase the risk factor because of too many people, but also can see the beautiful scenery.

This time, we designed the half day white horse road cycling route in the second phase of the East Lake greenway, which does not pass through the crowded middle of the lake road.

But here, we can listen to the waves and admire the pears, ten miles of peach blossoms, and the Bay Island Green embankment, which is the most suitable for children’s primary cycling Feel the natural route..