Don’t overdo the “net red” in the cycling industry. Don’t just focus on convenience and forget safety!

01 don’t just focus on convenience and forget safety! “Ride on my beloved small electric car, it will never be in traffic jam.” now electric cars have become the most loyal “little partner” of more and more office workers.

With electric cars, swish swish in the busy streets However, although electric vehicles are convenient, if you are not careful, this “invisible bomb” will explode ↓↓↓ in the early morning of February 23, the electric vehicle parking spot on the overhead floor of a residential building in lishuizhuang West District, Longhu District, Shantou suddenly caught fire, The fire was not small at one time.

According to the introduction of nearby residents, a charging electric vehicle caught fire first.

After receiving the alarm, the Fire Rescue Department dispatched to the scene in time for disposal and quickly put out the fire.

The accident did not cause casualties.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Imagine that if it is parked in the corridor or at home, the consequences of the fire will be unimaginable.

In recent years, electric vehicle fires and explosions have occurred frequently, and its fire safety can not be ignored at all! 👇👇👇 (video source: Shanghai fire control) through these shocking examples, we can intuitively feel the power of electric vehicle fire, and also sound the alarm for you.

Electric vehicles must not be parked and charged illegally.

Don’t let electric vehicles become “lethal vehicles”.

So how should we prevent electric vehicle fire? Let’s follow ah Xiao to learn these repeatedly emphasized safety knowledge of electric vehicles ↓↓ 01 and strengthen source control.

When buying electric bicycles and batteries, choose well-known brands.

We must not be greedy for cheapness and buy “three noes” products, whose quality and safety cannot be guaranteed.

02 pay attention to the charging link.

Do not pull wires for charging privately, and the overload of lines is easy to cause fire; Without charging all night, most chargers have no “overcharge” protection device, and the battery continues to heat at high temperature, causing fire and explosion.

03 no parking places.

Please park and charge the electric bicycle in the outdoor centralized charging place.

It is strictly prohibited to park and charge in the lobby, evacuation walkway, stairwell and other areas on the first floor.

In case of fire, the toxic smoke burned by the body polymer composite material will directly block the “life passage”.

04 replace the old battery in time.

More than half of the normal charging time indicates that the charging capacity of the battery has decreased significantly.

At this time, the battery should be replaced in time.

Do not be greedy for saving money, resulting in “extended service” of the battery, resulting in fire and explosion.

05 no modification and regular inspection.

Do not refit vehicles and batteries without authorization.

It is recommended to check the lines and batteries at the point of sale once a year.

Ex post remedy is not as good as ex ante prevention.

We must regulate parking and charging.

Oh, be a beautiful girl / girl who rides safely.

Source: Shantou fire department knows the latest trends..