Does riding bum hurt? Several mitigation methods

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Thank you for your support! In the process of riding, almost everyone has an unpleasant experience of buttocks – the parts touching the cushion sometimes feel uncomfortable or painful.

Fortunately, these can be avoided or mitigated through the following points.

Step 1: Carefully feel that if your lower back starts to feel stiff, you can’t ignore the damage caused by the cushion.

If you think that this is just a process and you can adapt to it by slowly practicing “Iron Fart Skill”, you are totally wrong.

If you continue to ride regardless of the danger signals sent by your body, you will have more serious consequences.

Step 2: If you change the seat point in ten minutes and maintain the same position for too long during the ride, you are likely to be paralyzed.

Moving your buttocks every ten minutes or lifting your buttocks from the seat cushion can not only save energy, but also reduce the pressure on your buttocks, so that blood can flow freely, and your buttocks will not be numb and painful.

The third step is to check the position of the seat cushion and adjust the vehicle carefully and correctly.

During riding, the front part of the seat should be slightly lowered.

First, it can improve the quality of riding.

Second, it can effectively protect the prostate from being compressed, which is of great help to the physiological function.

Step 4: Avoid wearing pants with hard materials when wearing cushioned riding pants.

It is better to wear well fitting riding pants with cushions.

Because this kind of cycling pants has strong elasticity, freedom of movement and excellent air permeability, it will not feel uncomfortable even in summer.

Step 5: Keeping personal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of various bacterial infections.

You should wear clean cycling pants every time, and avoid sitting around when your cycling pants are soaked with sweat.

Step 6: Choose a cushion.

Because everyone’s hips are different, no cushion can fit everyone.

You should choose your seat according to your riding status.

Generally, we have the following riding statuses: commuting, street brushing, short outing, long distance travel, cross-country riding, racing, etc.

The choice of seat is different under various riding statuses.

This is a complicated and long process of choice.

Just like finding your lover, what is right is the best!..