Do you pay attention to safety when riding on campus?

Campus Traffic Safety! CAUTION! The widespread use of electric vehicles on campus has provided convenience for teachers and students to travel.

However, with the explosive growth of electric vehicles, the safety problem of school riding has become an important part of our study and life.

We can’t ignore it.

Let’s look at the problems that students often ignore in school riding with Xiao Bian.

How much do you know about the safety of riding? The main cause of traffic accidents on campus is the misconception and bad habits of some students.

Riders must pay attention to the following points.

01 Improper cyclists bow their heads.

While riding, many students have the habit of riding, chatting, playing mobile phones, listening to music, etc.

at the same time, which will reduce their vigilance against the traffic around.

On the one hand, it is easy to collide and trip over gravels and small pits; On the other hand, pedestrians and vehicles cannot be avoided in time, resulting in traffic accidents.

Students should “watch all directions” when riding bicycles.

They should concentrate on passing.

Therefore, never ride a bike with one hand or even take off the handle in order to show cool cycling skills.

There is a large flow of people in the school.

Before changing lanes or overtaking, you should pay attention to the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, and then pass after confirming the safety.

Do not force changing lanes or overtaking.

04 Bicycling is not allowed in double row or retrograde.

Because of the dense flow of people during class hours, bicycles and electric vehicles are worn around the crowd, and there are many risk factors.

Therefore, it is not allowed to ride in two rows, especially in the opposite direction, which will bring serious potential safety hazards.

05 Bicycles should be parked in an orderly and standardized way.

Rechargeable bicycles and electric vehicles should be parked in the area divided by the school, not at will.

In addition, it is required to charge in the school safe charging post, and use the charger that is more suitable for the safety of tram charging.

Do not pull wires randomly, and charge according to specifications.

Of course, there are many other things we should pay attention to in campus riding safety.

We need to improve the safety awareness of campus traffic and regulate riding.

Safe riding allows the “little electric donkey” to play a real role in building a safe defense line on campus!.