Do you know why we love cycling?

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After two times, he couldn’t help saying: I feel so painful.

How can you fall in love with cycling? I asked him: don’t you think the scenery in the countryside is beautiful? It’s beautiful! But I can drive to see.

Yes, the destination is the same, but the process is very different.

Why do I enjoy riding so much? I often ride alone.

When I meet an unknown rider on the road, I say hello and immediately become a friend.

Do I usually do this? can’t.

Riding makes people more trust and friendly.

Sometimes, strange riders will take the initiative to greet me.

At this moment, his enthusiasm infects me.

Our common hobbies make our hearts very close.

Riders in the world are like a family.

You’re hungry, you’re lost, and your car breaks down.

Whenever you have difficulties on the road, you can ask your rider for help without worry.

There will never be indifference when you fall down and no one helps.

When riding, everyone is relatives.

These people who help each other and share weal and woe are strangers in your eyes on weekdays.

Riding makes people’s relationship simple and beautiful.

The names of riders are net names.

They don’t know each other’s social status, background and identity.

They are the same people.

This is a real person.

There is no intrigue, fame and interests.

As the same species, they instinctively love each other.

This dependence between people is the purest love in human primitive instinct, It is a great love that transcends all narrowness.

Riding makes me more tenacious, tolerant, brave and strong.

When some riders complain that their companions are too slow, I think of my efforts when I first started riding; When there are vehicles or pedestrians who don’t obey the traffic rules on the opposite side, I will think of myself because I have to turn at the intersection not far from the front, and it’s inconvenient to cross the road, and I sometimes go retrograde; When I ride in the wilderness, there is a strong wind, I will work harder; When the scorching sun is still far away from the destination, I will face it calmly; When the sky suddenly has a light snow, I will be more cautious.

When all this happened, I said to myself: move forward, because you have no choice! Life is a one-way street without return journey.

Cycling makes life more colorful.

A hammock was tied up in the grove to feel the gentle breeze leisurely.

Taste the special dishes of farmers in the village shop and feel different flavors.

On the barren hills and fields, he shouted wantonly.

On the road with rare human traces, I was sweating and racing.

In the eyes of passers-by or surprised or envious, galloping and flashing.

Even bypass the ticket gate and proudly take the path to enter the scenic spots…

You can always look at different scenery.

You can enjoy all the gifts given by nature.

When riding, you can not be yourself as usual.

You can not be a lady or a gentleman.

You can relax, publicize your wildness and sprinkle your happiness heartily! Stepping on my beloved horse, I look solemn and firm in my heart.

This is my world.

At this moment, I am as powerful as a king! Love riding, no reason! Riding is a pilgrimage for devout people.

It is a kind of hard practice and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what is the meaning of riding? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of reaching the destination? Maybe not.

In the heart of everyone who loves cycling, cycling has different meanings.

It may be a feeling of life, a self breakthrough, a pursuit of memory, or a honing of growth.

However, no matter how it appears in people’s hearts, it is the endorsement of a healthy and upward lifestyle.

The process of riding may be very hard and tired, but we always insist.

Even if we are very tired, we are happy.

The meaning of riding is the challenge of life.

The old wolf editor once said that it had a very awesome name – omnipotent charge, but now it can’t charge anything.

So, don’t take your past too seriously.

The world is changing, you remain the same, and you can only be eliminated in the end…

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