Do you know all the special tools for riding?

Although the bicycle is not a complex mechanical equipment, once there is any problem and failure, it is not so simple to adjust, repair or replace it.

You will find that it requires many professional tools to carry out.

Today, Xiaobian will show you some special tools for bicycles! The hexagonal wrench in the portable tool set is also called Allen wrench.

This has been very common.

It is not only necessary for bike lovers, but also needed in many aspects at home.

It has become a must for every family.

Generally, if you buy such a set, those with the size of 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm are basically invincible.

Torque wrench torque wrench is a labor-saving and convenient tool.

You can operate a lot if you buy a good set, especially if you ride a carbon fiber bicycle.

Because the screws or carbon fiber frame made of carbon fiber are too hard, it is easy to damage the carbon fiber material, and even cracks appear, which is not worth the loss.

Remember to be able to see the torque value when buying.

Star wrench now has a variety of screws, and only it can handle a star screw.

The screws of many kits, toothed discs or disc brake discs may be such star screws.

Simply start with T-10, t-25 and T-30 models.

Tire prying stick when your tire has problems and needs to be repaired or replaced, the tire prying stick will help you a lot.

Although it is a little smaller, it is likely that you will not be able to remove the tire without it.

Chain cutter if there is a problem with the chain, a professional chain cutter will make it easier for you to replace the chain or thoroughly clean the chain.

Thread cutting pliers is a special pliers for clamping the speed change line.

If your speed change brake feels bad or broken, you need to update your speed change / brake line.

Air nozzle tools when you repair the tire or eliminate whether the tire leaks, professional air nozzle tools are also indispensable.

In case of vehicle crash, wheel deflection or spoke fracture, the spoke wrench can be operated and replaced simply, but the problem of the whole wheel set must be carefully before debugging.

If you need to replace the flywheel lock ring, you need this tool, which is suitable for the disassembly of cartridge flywheel and some disc brake discs.

Pedal disassembly wrench pedal is a component to replace the installation.

How can you do it if you can’t even install the pedal when the new car arrives.

Intermediate shaft adapter tool when your intermediate shaft breaks down or makes abnormal noise, this tool is likely to help you a lot.

It is used to install and remove the intermediate shaft adapter.

It can also be used to install and remove the disc brake disc lock ring and the cylinder shaft flower drum of corresponding specifications.

Middle shaft socket tool this is a disassembly socket suitable for the middle shaft, which can be used with a suitable torque wrench or adjustable wrench.

Flywheel blade removal tools you must have when you want to carry out any operation on the wheel set or flywheel, even if you remove the flywheel and thoroughly clean it.

The crank removal tool is used to remove the crank arm without split pin, and install and remove the front sprocket of the square central shaft with 14mm fixing bolts.

The internal puller can be rotated with a 14-15mm wrench or a hexagonal wrench or an 8mm hexagonal wrench.

High pressure pump pump we all know that when the tire is flat, it will be used.

It is recommended to use a pump with a pressure gauge, otherwise some tires have corresponding pressure requirements.

Chain washer chain washer is very convenient.

It is recommended to add an appropriate amount of washing powder to the chain washer, otherwise it is difficult to clean it.

It is one of the most thorough ways and equipment to clean without dismantling the chain.

Chain caliper when your vehicle often has chain jumping and other phenomena, you can use the chain caliper to measure to see if the chain is worn too much and has been pulled up too much.

The oil pipe adjusting tool of the disc brake, oil pressure disc brake, of course, needs professional tools.

This tool can cut the oil pressure disc brake hose and set the connector plug to the hose.

This is a two in one operation tool, which can easily and accurately cut the hose at 90 degrees.

Small size for easy storage, including spare disks.

Quick tire repair tools, quick tire repair kits, including tire repair glue, tire repair pieces, tire repair rubbing pieces, etc.

at present, tire repair pieces also have rubber free tire repair pieces.

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