Do you have any plans to ride all your life?

As you get older, it’s natural for your performance limit to fall, which doesn’t mean you have to slow down.

The peak state of riders usually occurs in their 20s and 30s.

The average age of the tour de France champion is 28.5 years old.

But cycling is a sport that can last a lifetime.

Now there are more riders aged 50 or 60 who run even faster than the boys.

In the international endurance cycling race, some people can still maintain the top level in their early 40s.

In 2011, Jeanie Longo cuprelli, a 52 year old French woman, won her 10th French time trial champion and the 24-hour 1000 km record set by Christopher, a 39 year old Austrian man.

Voax: VO2max determines the maximum oxygen uptake of the human body.

Decreased maximal oxygen uptake, the body’s efficiency in delivering oxygen to muscles, and decreased maximal heart rate are two symptoms of physical aging.

Riders in peak condition usually have a high V02 maximum, which decreases by 10% every decade from the age of 30.

If you continue to train hard, you can reduce it to 5% every decade after the age of 30.

Although the V02 maximum may begin to decline, riders will benefit from other things in their later years: it may increase muscle strength and make their hearts stronger.

Learn to give priority to recovery.

As you grow older, your body will take longer to recover.

Your soft tissue is also beginning to lose elasticity, so stretching, Pilates and yoga are good choices if you can.

Nutritious diet metabolism does slow down with age, but weight gain indicates excess energy intake.

To avoid this, you need to avoid eating more calories than burning.

Eat more carbohydrates before high-intensity training and less carbohydrates on low-intensity recovery days.

Make sure you eat enough protein every day, 1.5-2g/kg body weight ratio.

And reduce your carbohydrates, especially on light training days or rest days.

Choose the right target.

If you still have a “competitive” heart, you should participate in endurance riding more than short-range high-power racing.

Older athletes also have more experience.

They may be better at understanding their limits and stepping frequency, and in many cases, they may train smarter due to the increasing knowledge base.

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