Delicacy in Chinese mainland, the most southern tip of Kunming, Chikan, the most beautiful Volcano Island, and the island of the world. two

Godliness is the life we give to travel – Zhiyuan Godliness and devotion – the southernmost tip of the Chinese mainland on the Leizhou peninsula.

A seafood magical place with Latitude 20 degrees north latitude.

The most suitable place for human life is the golden latitude world famous resort.

The Hawaii islands are located here.

On the mainland of South China, a seaport city with the same latitude of Hawaii islands is located.

The annual average temperature is 23 degrees cooler than Sanya.

This is Zhanjiang , Jinghua , Liangdian , livable Zhanjiang , Zhanjiang Bay Bridge , the landmark of Zhanjiang , the hidden corner Episode 1: Yan Liang and Pu Pu sneak out of the welfare home and return to ningzhou by truck.

The sea crossing bridge is Zhanjiang Bay Bridge.

Xiashan sea viewing corridor comes to Zhanjiang.

Taking a walk in the sea viewing corridor, watching the sea scenery, blowing the sea breeze and listening to the sea waves has become a “must visit” for outsiders Xiashan’s view hall is about 1.7 kilometers long, and it is covered with palm plants and coastline.

It has a tropical subtropical environment.

It can view the entire bay beauty spot.

The most southern tip of the Chinese mainland is the southernmost tip of the mainland.

There are many southernmost Chinese mainland.

The southernmost part of China is only one of the southern parts of Zhanjiang.

Xuwen is the south pole of the south.

The Arctic village is very cold, the Antarctic village is very warm, the Antarctic village is surrounded by the sea on three sides, surrounded by Qiongzhou Strait and Beibu Gulf, which is very different from the “thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow” landscape of the Arctic village, while the Antarctic village is windmills, lighthouses, coconut trees, beaches The coral reef is a coastal landscape known as China’s Maldives sea, clear water, clear sky, blue winter, cold, and evergreen, and no need to add filters.

The Chinese mainland’s southernmost corner turret is the waterfront of the South China Sea and the Beibu Gulf.

When the waves surge and the waves of each other are being washed up by the local people, it is a miracle that every day there will be a daily appearance.

Wushi port, which was built in the Hongwu Period of the Ming Dynasty, was named “Wushi” because of its huge black stones and different shapes.

It has been over 600 years ago, and has a long history and unique humane environment.

It has the only place in the Chinese mainland that can see the sunset on the west coast.

However, few foreign tourists know the title of “Jinghua Liangdian” the only lake light rock of Maar Lake in China is called the “natural Yearbook” for the study of earth and Geological Sciences by United Nations geological experts With a total area of 38 square kilometers, the park is a park with the geological landforms of Maar volcano as the main body, coastal landforms, structural geological landforms and other geological relics.

The lake water of Huguangyan Maar Lake is protected from the interference of external water systems under the protection of surrounding volcanic mounds.

The lake bottom sedimentary layer formed by long-term natural deposition is left by the evolution of the earth for more than 100000 years “Natural Yearbook” and “natural museum” highlight the sea of pineapple “the sea of pineapple” Chinese pineapple looks at Guangdong, Guangdong pineapple looks at Xuwen “Xuwen has China’s” top “pineapple Xuwen, which is located in Leizhou Peninsula.

The tropical monsoon climate here has created sufficient light The natural environment with abundant rainfall and unique brick red soil are also very suitable for pineapple growth.

“Pineapple sea” Xuwen is the largest pineapple planting base in China, planting about 350000 mu of pineapples, accounting for 40% of the national pineapple output.

Therefore, Xuwen is known as “hometown of pineapples in China”, including “yugonglou pineapple” The undulating golden pineapple, which has become a national geographic indication product, constitutes a rare landscape.

In 2014, the sea of pineapple was recommended as one of the top 15 tourist experience places in Guangdong by the world-famous Travel Guide magazine lonely planet.

Jinghua Liangdian Chikan old street was in the online hot drama “hidden corner” this year Driven by, Zhanjiang has not only become a hot search City, but also doubled the traffic.

Chikan old street has also become a “clock in point” for tourists Chikan District was formerly known as Chikan port, also known as Chikan port.

It was a relatively prosperous port and commercial port from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China for 300 years.

Chikan ancient commercial port has a long history.

Jinghua Liangdian, the largest volcanic island in China, qiaozhou Island, the largest volcanic island in China, clocked in and went to the sea after the tide ebbed.

At night, I felt fishermen’s fireworks.

In the morning, I bought fresh seafood at the wharf market until the sky was clear It’s getting dark.

There’s nothing more comfortable than going to the beach to blow the sea breeze.

Standing with the London lighthouse The Cape of good hope lighthouse is also known as the world’s three famous lighthouses.

Enjoy the scenery of the Strait on the Jiaozhou lighthouse / south of the mainland.

5-day loop tour / brief itinerary.

First day: Kunming Zhanjiang.

Second day: Zhanjiang Huguangyan.

Jiaozhou island.

Third day: Jiaozhou island.

Pineapple sea.

Antarctic village.

Fourth day: Antarctic village.

Wushi town.


Fifth day: Zhanjiang Kunming itinerary.


Zhanjiang gathering Kunming flies to Zhanjiang.

Upon arrival, you can visit the old urban area of Chikan.

Among the old streets and lanes in Zhanjiang, the most famous one is Chikan old street.

Zhanjiang is the region with the longest history.

Many “Nanyang style buildings” are still preserved here.

The old arcades and old houses blend with each other.

Walking here, you can not only feel the traces of history, but also experience the strongest fireworks.

● pursue the “hidden corner” food shop, visit the coastal corridor, have dinner: Breakfast: excluding lunch: including dinner: excluding accommodation: schedule of Zhanjiang 3-star hotel D2 硵 Zhanjiang – Huguangyan – qiaozhou island 硵 go to Huguangyan scenic spot after breakfast, which is called the “natural Yearbook” for the study of earth and Geological Sciences by the United Nations geologists.

With a total area of 38 square kilometers, the park is a park with the geological landform of Maar volcano as the main body, coastal landform, structural geological landform and other geological relics, with good natural ecology..