Day 1 [Donkey Riding in the World and Outdoor] • Hundred Mile Gallery Riding | Cool Autumn | 29 km Leisure Ecological Riding Tour – Enjoying

Destination: A total of 52 sessions of ¥ 258 activity in Beijing, Beijing.

Yanqing, the capital of the empire, has such a beautiful place, the beautiful hundred mile landscape gallery.

You may have heard of it or you may have driven here by yourself.

Today, we give you a new way to visit the hundred mile landscape by bike.

You can taste nature on the basis of sports.

The hundred mile landscape will slowly unfold to you like a landscape painting.

Don’t hesitate, Quickly pack up your bags and go with your impression! Driving is a little fast, parking is a little difficult, and walking is a little far…

Cycling – Meibaili Landscape Gallery that combines driving and hiking • Cycling “Xiushui Bay – Little Kunlun – Shujian Peak – Changshou Mountain – Qianjiadian Park – Dinosaur Footprints – Baili Landscape Gallery – Huahai – Naishan Lake – Dripping Bottle” 29 km long weekend | Yanqing | Autumn cycling season: riding while playing • Leisure cycling 21 speed mountain bikes * There is also a leisure trip of Baili Gallery (Consult customer service for details) ❑ Benefits of cycling 1.

The body shaping effect of cycling is very good, which can make the small belly disappear, the waist circumference smaller, and the hips become warped.


Riding can greatly improve our sleep quality and mental outlook.


The most important thing to do by cycling is to exercise the thigh muscles.


When riding, we need a lot of oxygen, which can strengthen our heart and lung functions.


Riding can help us reduce stress.

When we ride a bike, our brain will secrete a substance that can relax our brain, make us happy and feel happy.


Riding can exercise our willpower.

❑ Yanqing Baili Gallery is a national AAAA scenic spot, including 12 space nodes in the first ring road and the third zone, involving 112 li of riverside ring road, hence the name “Baili Landscape Gallery”.

The scenic area has excellent ecological environment and rich tourism resources.

The park has excellent ecological environment and rich tourism resources.

The beautiful White River Valley and the magnificent Heihe Valley have bred rich tourism resources such as the magical silicified wood group, the majestic dripping waterfalls, the mysterious Wulong Valley, the solemn Chaoyang Temple, the ancient Guandi Temple and the lush original secondary forests on the Grand Beach.

❑ The activity time is fixed on Saturdays and Sundays, and the activity time is daily on holidays.

| The gathering place is 07:30 | The south entrance of Huixin West Street or the nearby subway station * The gathering information of the day before departure shall prevail.

| The activity intensity is 29KM, the leisure riding, the road is gentle, and you can ride while playing.

It is suitable for all cyclists.

Activities cost 258 yuan per person.

Children can operate bicycles skillfully and need to be accompanied by their parents.

The cost is the same as that of adults.

  ▪ The cost includes 1) tour bus: air conditioning tour bus charter fee for round-trip to Yanqing Baili Gallery; 2) Bicycles: 21 speed mountain bikes and helmets (please indicate your height when applying for children’s vehicles); 3) Support vehicle: ferry logistics vehicle support; 4) Team leader: the team leader will take the team back; 5) Others: High value outdoor insurance (please submit your identity information when registering).

  ▪ The cost does not include 1) Catering: this activity does not include meals, please bring your own road meals suitable for outdoor or AA dinner parties; 2) Others: The scenery is on the road, and you don’t need to enter the scenic area by bike.

If you enter the scenic area, you can pay for your own ticket.

❑ Notice on epidemic prevention and control leasing 1) In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, you need to provide a 72 hour nucleic acid test negative certificate, Health Treasure and the green code of the itinerary.

Bicyclists do not gather, have no contact, and ride naturally at a safe distance, which is the outdoor activity least affected by the epidemic.

2) During the epidemic prevention and control period, only helmets will be provided for protective equipment, and gloves will not be provided for the time being, so as to be prepared for warmth, mosquitoes and rain protection- 07:30 | Please gather and start on time according to the collection information, and go to Yanqing Baili Landscape Gallery, an important ecological conservation place in the capital, with singing and laughing all the way- 10: 00 | Arrive at Bailishan Gallery, we get bicycles and protective equipment, lead the riders to explain the use of vehicles and announce the precautions- 10: 30 | Ride around the green mountains without ink painting for thousands of years, and the flowing water is like a string of ancient sounds – travel hundreds of miles of mountains and waters, taste the thousand year culture, view the ten thousand mu tea garden, and appreciate the hundred million year fossils.

Cycling node: Xiushuiwan – Xiaokunlun – Shujian Peak – Changshou Ridge You can enjoy the scenery along the way.

You can visit Xiaokunlun Mountain, Shujian Peak, dinosaur footprint fossil relics, marine sediment relics, Caimugou Paleolithic Site, Wenchang Monument, where you can look far for green mountains and get close to the water and return to nature- 12: 30 | Road food/picnic, you can freely choose to taste special farm food in the farmyard on the journey- 13: 00 | Datan Nature Reserve, 1000 mu Sunflower Sea, 10000 mu Scutellaria Baicalensis Tea Garden, Yanshan Academy Sketch Base and many other popular geological science and natural and cultural landscapes- 14: 30 | Continue to ride to Naishan Lake, enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains, and enjoy the natural scenery of Baihe Canyon- 15: 30 | When you arrive at the end of the dribble bottle, return your bike, share your riding experience, and end the Yanqing bike ride.

Gather together for the return journey- 18: 00 | Arrive at the departure place, and the happy journey ends* The above travel time is for reference only, and may be adjusted due to weather, traffic, passenger flow and physical fitness of the team members, subject to the actual arrangement of the team leader.

Go to the scenic spot along the ride # Baili Gallery – Trunkou Trunkou, where you can see the sign of Baili Landscape Gallery, which is the official starting point of the gallery.

Here is the Beijing Tourism Consulting Service Office, where you can get information about scenic spots on the gallery route.

Gangou Village is also the starting village in Baili Gallery Scenic Area, which is close to mountains and near rivers, with a quiet environment.

The big white characters of “Baili Landscape Gallery” are on the hillside on the left.

Facing these big white characters, it was Liu Ganqiao who divided a pool of clear water into left and right parts.

The water in the lake is clear and there are many water plants growing in it.

Opposite the parking lot is a row of service rooms in the scenic area and Beijing Tourism Consulting Office..