Dali Xiangyun riding strategy: in Xiangyun, there is a kind of life called riding

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As a light and luxurious aerobic outdoor sport, cycling has always been favored by sports tourism lovers.

The yellow and white helmet is reflected under the blue sky and white clouds, and the feet trample on the “poetry and distance” in the heart.

Riding on the road, the scenery is in the heart.

Route 1: Xiangcheng – exhibition room of Comrade pufaxing’s advanced deeds – former residence of martyr Wang Fusheng and martyr Wang Desan – former residence of martyr Wang Xiaoda △ wax photographer of Comrade pufaxing Zhang Guoxi △ former residence of martyr Wang Xiaoda remembers the past in order to better shape the future.

There is always a force that moves us, and there is always a hot land worth going to.

At the beginning of the new year, let’s follow the youth of the awakening era, face the mist in the early spring morning, hold the awe and admiration in our hearts, revisit the red faith of fire sowing pioneers on the first day of the new year, cherish the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, and feel the selflessness and fearlessness of beautiful Chinese builders.

Guard the original faith, always keep the red fire, set the new year’s flag, Gou Rixin, every day, and every day.

Route 2: Xiangcheng – dabona Shuyuan – Dongfeng Reservoir – Qixuan’s body and soul are always on the road.

Wandering in the ancient dabona bookstore, the East-West Bai folk courtyard pattern, more than 23000 books are collected in a 1000 square meter building, looking for a quiet desk, carefully opening the exquisite thread bound books, bronze culture, Bai culture, dabona culture…

Jump onto the paper, as if you saw the pace of civilization evolving in time, dialogue with history, and time solidifies.

In the sparkling of Dongfeng reservoir, feel the tenderness of the spring breeze, walk slowly on the dam ridge, and your thoughts are quiet and serene.

The passionate left foot dance of the Yi people in Qixuan village, the loud and clear sound of the roller coaster, the kaolin red wall and the primary color goose warm stone path were heard all the time.

At that time, the rural roads were quite a paradise.

Route 3: Xiangcheng Pingba xiaoguancun reservoir Jiuding temple △ Jiuding Mountain perspective photographer Dai Guohui △ Jiuding Temple aerial photographer Dai Guohui set out for better arrival.

With a speed of 30 kilometers, 80 miles and a 75 minute drive, it is the best choice to escape the city for a short time.

Riding alone, quiet and introspective; A group of people ride, spectacular and powerful.

Along the way, the cooking smoke rising in Pingba village, the cattle and sheep passing in groups, the clear reservoir pond water storage, the Centennial plum blossom of Jiuding temple and the North-South tower will certainly cure all unhappiness and find the power to return to real life.

Route 4: auspicious city – Qinghua ancient cave – Qinghai Lake – garden picking the eight scenic poems of auspicious clouds written by Wang Dishan, a scholar and calligrapher in Yunnan during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, The poem about Qinghua cave is recorded as: “who dug chaos through the ages? The scenery here is beautiful and green.

There are three windows open in the sky, and the path turns to the bright one.

Strange books in the world are difficult to read, and good things are always good.

At the deep lock of Taixi colorful clouds, autumn prostitution is horizontal, and crows live in the evening”.

The poem about Qinghai Lake is recorded as: “the autumn water is clear and blue, and the green pool continues to fall at four o’clock.

Next to Zhong daze is Qinghai, overlooking the Fangcheng is Jingzhou.

When it comes to Jinge military and Ma Jing, it still goes on a tour of yu’er Wolong.

The clouds in the south are auspicious, or there is a gorgeous sky inside”.

Taking the best activity radius of half an hour as the origin, it retains the Huairou and warmth of the ancients.

The ancient cave of Tsinghua and Qinghai Lake are benchmarked to the urban park, which has become a good place for cycling.

As one of the 29 “punch points” of “Dali’s best place to express love”, Qinghai Lake is still a good place for young people to communicate and deepen understanding by cycling around the lake and picking in the surrounding gardens.

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