Dabei Fuping | ride through wanhu mountain in the northeast of Fuping

Wanhu mountain is the easternmost of the “ten mountains in Fuping”, which is located in the north of Laomiao Town, Fuping County, Shaanxi Province.

It is said that General Wang Jian of Qin Dynasty once trained troops in wanhu mountain, which was named after wanhu (ancient measuring tools) grain.

The highest altitude of wanhu mountain is 1305 meters.

There is a wanhu temple tower of the Tang Dynasty on the top of the mountain.

On a Saturday in September 2019, Xi’an Yanliang alliance organized riders to ride on wanhu mountain in Fuping.

At 6:30 in the morning, everyone gathered in front of the bus station to prepare for departure.

Have breakfast in Liugu town.

Pass through Meiyuan Town, which is the last town in front of wanhu mountain.

From Meiyuan Town, go straight north and uphill all the way.

The Jinshu mountain in front is towering and spectacular.

From the Huanshan road at the foot of JinSu mountain to the East, passing pozhang and mengjiayao, we have to pass a section of dirt road in the process of turning to county road x220 near Manting village.

This dirt road connects the East and West tablelands.

The dirt road passes through the bottom of the ditch between the two tablelands.

Although the slope is not too large, there is a lot of dust on the road.

This is the nearest road from Meiyuan to manmachi village.

Starting from Manting village, you enter Yuling Township northward along County Road x202.

Yuling township is composed of dashuiyu and sanchiling, so it is called “Yuling”.

The asphalt road in Yuli is in good condition, with mountains on one side and ditches on the other.

The road twists and turns upward.

After the former seat of Yuling township government, there is a steel gate on the road not far in front.

From this gate, you have to turn right and start climbing the mountain.

The cement road turning right is very narrow and the slope is very steep.

All riders are riding uphill.

Go up to the top of the slope, the slope is slightly gentle, and start to walk along the winding mountain cement road.

This road leads to Tabei village through Bianli, mulinyu village, Xipo, Yangdi and Hejiashan.

The cement road is steep and flat.

When the slope is steep, it’s too abnormal.

It’s steep and long.

It’s really difficult to ride up at one go; When the slope is flat, sometimes it even goes down a little slowly.

The mountains are lush with trees and lush vegetation.

There are some inscriptions, stones and other landscapes on the way.

There is a closed farmhouse near Hejiashan, where people guarding the courtyard live.

The construction scale of farmhouse is quite good, with private rooms and guest rooms.

The cinema walls and sculptures.

Rockery, sculpture and guest rooms.

After going up the slope along the dirt road, you will see a provincial cultural protection monument of “wanhu temple tower” beside the road.

According to the inscription, wanhu temple tower was built in the Tang Dynasty.

It is a square seven storey pavilion type hollow brick tower.

It was repaired during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620).

There is a security gate on the south of the bottom floor of the tower.

The tower is 26.7m high, with flat bricks on the top and a treasure bottle tower brake.

At first, the dirt road was a little gentle.

Then came the abnormal slope, which was steep and slippery.

Everyone came down and carried it out.

Pushing carts took more energy than cycling or walking.

It’s rare to stop in the shade.

The more you walk up, the steeper it becomes, and the road becomes a gravel road.

Even if you go downhill, you don’t dare to ride, because the car can’t stop at all, and there is a deep ditch next to it.

Overlooking the surrounding mountains from the mountain.

The viewing platform on the distant mountain.

At this time, you can see the wanhu temple tower in the distance, but it still feels very far away.

It seems that there are several mountains across.

Mountain roads are winding, mountain after mountain.

Except for some places that are too steep and slippery, most sections can be passed by cycling.

The wanhu temple tower in the distance is getting closer and closer, and the mountain road at the foot has become a gravel road.

Especially when you go up and down the last hill, you can’t ride at all.

You have to go down both uphill and downhill, otherwise it’s very easy to fall.

After a turn, we finally reached the bottom of wanhu temple tower, where the lonely wanhu temple tower has stood tall for four or five hundred years.

Take a group photo under the tower.

There is a security door under the tower, and the interior of the tower is hollow.

There is also an underground palace ruins excavated by tomb robbers under the tower.

After coming down from wanhu temple tower, we took a rest at the home of a villager in Tabei village.

There are instant noodles, mineral water and other supplies.

Then, the riders went down the mountain according to the original road.

In order not to take the dirt road and have a decent lunch early, they went directly to Laomiao town for dinner.

After dinner, I went to Meiyuan town along the county road x220, and then returned to Yanliang along the original road when I came.

I safely and smoothly ended this riding and mountaineering trip.

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