Cyclists, why are they so annoying!

Cycling is a very good sport for physical and mental health.

Like riding, it doesn’t have anything special, but many people who like riding, their actions and their attitudes make their friends feel: how can ta become after riding! So! I hate it!!! Cyclists, why are they so annoying! Your friend finally clocked in 20km this morning and opened the mileage ranking with joy.

Originally, he thought he should be the first.

As a result, the mileage is not half of yours, because you got up early and walked around the lake.

How can such behavior not be annoying.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! He has the same weight as you.

After he likes riding, he weighs 40 kg less than you and has 6 more abdominal muscles.

If you don’t lose weight, you may not be able to play together in the future.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! People who like to ride will talk about the benefits of riding and their experience blablabla.

As long as you say that riding is bad, they will definitely scoff at you, “you don’t ride, what do you know!” Cyclists, why are they so annoying! Cycling is a sport in which the left foot kicks half a turn and then the right foot kicks half a turn.

However, it is such a boring sport that they say they enjoy it.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! As soon as they talked about riding, they were as excited as children; He will definitely give you all kinds of benefits of Amway riding, such as losing weight, shaping, becoming smart, understanding life and so on.

Can’t we talk about anything other than cycling? Isn’t the circle of friends all about cycling? As soon as he got up, he couldn’t stop and was in high spirits; After riding, they punch in and show off frantically, as if others were not “normal” alive at all.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! Do they really don’t have to sleep? When you open your eyes in the morning, those morning riders have come back for breakfast; When you watch soap operas at night, they sweat in the streets and parks.

The same people, how can they keep getting up and you can’t sleep? Puzzling! Cyclists, why are they so annoying! They are usually thrifty.

When they talk about riding, their eyes shine; When it comes to equipment, you don’t care about your wallet.

It is absolutely impossible for him to pay for dinner.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! With them, the prominent beer belly and big black eyes seem to reveal the secret of your staying up late and irregular diet to the public.

Whenever the physical examination report comes out, diseases such as hypertension, pharyngitis and fatty liver increase year by year.

All this seems to make fun of your lazy and early decaying body.

When you show your physical condition at the age of 60 at the age of 30, the cyclists are growing against the age.

Disease, aging and decay have nothing to do with them.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! Because they can enjoy the beautiful scenery you can’t see all year round.

They have priority over others to enjoy today’s sunshine, and can also take the first step on the street when the first snow comes.

When others get up anxiously and line up frantically, they have leisurely prepared their plans for the day.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! When you are addicted to games, when you sit up in the noise of drinking and preparation, and when you cry red eyes for the lengthy and procrastinating Korean dramas, their vigorous posture and rhythmic pace, like dressing and eating, seem to have become an indispensable part of life.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! Because they insist every day.

No matter when they start, no matter where they are, they are always so calm and confident.

Their friends are healthy, positive and upward! Cyclists, why are they so annoying! Because their weekends are so full, including competitions, foreign countries, scenery, cheers and medals, and you only have endless potato chips and endless time at home.

Cyclists, why are they so annoying! Because their willpower is so strong.

Keep running day after day.

When you’re ready to laugh at him for giving up, he keeps on running.

It’s hot, they’re riding, it’s cold, they’re riding.

In the haze day, they finally don’t ride, but they go to the gym to practice strength.

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