Cyclist Prose: spring is coming

Spring is coming / cyclists wave goodbye to last night’s cold winter and put wings on the hibernating heart to welcome the arrival of spring.

Spring is bright, summer is showing off, autumn is full, and winter is crystal clear.

The four seasons have their own beauty, and I love spring more.

The four seasons are like a song.

A breeze at the beginning of spring is the silence before it becomes a tune.

The moment of holding your breath to brew and wait, the beating melody can’t restrain the outpouring of underground consciousness.

The splendor of the four seasons is about to unfold, and the great vitality and overflowing spring will describe this beautiful mountain and river.

Spring is long and waiting.

In this silent moment, but not calm, but deep and powerful.

You can pay attention and listen.

A gentle spring breeze is coming and the long-awaited swallow is returning to the south.

She was whispering a familiar language that only the earth could understand.

In this meeting place, the shy bud peeps into my pious eyes.

The little tree also secretly poked out its small green head, and the colorful flowers stood in the inky water, spotless.

Ink peak LAN, dip in ink and write.

The warm sunshine danced into the room and shone on the gloomy heart for a long time.

Hold a few birds and pour them into the lonely heart house to moisten the heart that has dried up all winter.

The trees have not yet sprouted, and the withered grass has not been dotted with new green.

But a gentle spring breeze came, just like the birth of a life, growing slowly and gently and powerfully.

Hope, dream, friendship and vigorous power are all coming in the spring breeze.

Through the long winter, I have forgotten the change of years.

The transformation of the four seasons still has such unique charm that people are always looking forward to the arrival of spring.

The colorful spring brings bright sunshine to the heart sea.

There is a gentle and sweet breath in the air, and you can feel the birth and rhythm of all things in the world.

The sun will gradually warm and the air will slowly fill with sweetness.

The trees will become green and the grass will reach the end of the world.

Flowers will bloom everywhere, the colors will become bright, and catkins will begin to make people sad.

The sun climbs on people’s faces.

Nature is really a miracle! The cycle starts again, like a deep and beautiful melody, beating ceaselessly.

Cut a period of time, a book, a beautiful paper, to find the spring of your own life.

Spring, with its beauty, writes colorful notes on the paper of the years.

Our lovely season, full of colors, makes spring a topic.

A handful of time, hold a understand.

Every experience is the accumulation of life, and every bump is the experience of life.

Spring flowers bloom, open the window of the soul and walk through the haze.

As long as the sun will rise tomorrow, life will be in full bloom in the sun.

As long as there is love in your heart, it is spring.

Make the background color of life with simplicity.

See that the mountain is the mountain, the water is the water, and the smile is warm.

I believe there is always a smiling face blooming for us, and there is always a scenery that will be beautiful because of us.

Spring is colorful.

Fragrance everywhere, close your eyes, suck, stretch out your arms and embrace spring.

Walking in the ink mountains in spring, I can see your face smiling at the world like a cloud from a distance.

It is filled with petals, a pool of inkstone, a song of sadness, Acacia and spring warmth.

The mountain became moist and the water of the township stream rose.

Walking in the countryside, I bathed in the fresh air, smelled the fragrance of soil, breathed the fragrance of flowers and trees, and my mood was also cheerful.

Let’s stretch out our broad arms to welcome spring, seize the great opportunity and sow the dream of hope in the beautiful spring! About the author: net name cyclist, from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.

Like cycling, outdoor hiking and mountaineering.

He is fond of photography and travels all over the country and more than ten Eurasian countries.

Love literature, love to write travel notes, essays, small poems, etc.

more than 100 articles have been published in newspapers and magazines, and occasionally won small awards-.