Cycling summer camp 2021 out of the epidemic

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– Ignore the following and fill in the content — “ice finch feather?” A familiar voice woke me up.

I opened my mouth, yawned, turned over and rolled out of the moss nest, “what’s the matter?” Lavender cloud stood in front of me anxiously.

“Feng Yuyu accidentally fell into a fox trap.

There is a long hole in her abdomen and she has been unconscious for a long time.” I was like falling into ice water and woke up in an instant: “why didn’t you call me earlier?” “I thought I could handle it…” pet cat, also had a close conversation with him.

What’s your relationship with him? ” “Four leaf star, as far as I know, is a youth travel relationship.” Yuefeng smiled unkindly and circled around me.

The cats gathered around and looked at me with interest.

“Our dear witch doctor has violated the warrior code.

I think expulsion is the best policy,” Yu Jinyun and Yu Jinzhang looked at each other and felt a little uneasy.

“But,” Yingxia blinked, “we don’t have a witch doctor anymore” “what am I? A bush?” Lavender cloud roared angrily.

“Vote, the platoon that supports the expulsion of ice finch feathers is me, and the platoon that supports the rest is next to the witch doctor’s nest.” Zhuxi stood up and said loudly.

As a result, no one asked me to stay.

I was stunned, and none of my friends helped.

A burst of anger surged into my heart.

“OK, I’ll go!” I roared, “I’ll make a clean break with you.

I won’t come back.

Lavender cloud will take over my shift.” I left, rushed out of the camp and ran to faint Ye’s house without looking back.

(to be continued…)..