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Riding spring training camp 2021 to explore the high cost performance.

The old man stops to concentrate and see the coming trend of his steel dart.

However, Hu Fei’s move was a false move.

His left foot was a little, his body suddenly flew up, crossed the heads of the two thieves, his right arm stretched out, and pulled one of the thieves off his horse.

He caught the thief’s pulse, turned on his horse and broke out of the crowd.

The horse kicked Hu Fei in the stomach, but it hurt and rushed forward.

They shouted and scolded one after another, some riding horses, some walking, and then chasing after them.

The horse ran out for several feet.

Hu Fei only heard the wind behind his head.

He bowed his head and two iron cones flew over his head.

The castration was very powerful.

The hair cone was really an expert.

Hu Fei turned around on his horse, rode back on the saddle, held the thief in front of his chest and shouted, “please send concealed weapons.

The more, the better!” The thief was so weak that he couldn’t move.

Hu Fei laughed, stretched out his foot and kicked the horse’s belly.

With only one kick, the horse fell to the ground.

It turned out that before he turned around, an iron cone had been hit on the horse’s brawn and entered through his belly.

Hu Fei jumped to the ground, held the thief horizontally, and retreated into the stone house step by step.

They were afraid that he would harm their companions and did not dare to rush forward.

This group of people had more than 20 good players in vain, but they rushed back and forth to him.

Not only did they not hurt him at all, but they captured one of them.

Everyone looked at each other and was angry, but they couldn’t help but admire it secretly.

[finance | investment and financial management] ride spring training camp 2021 to explore high cost performance..