Cycling, sightseeing and leisure, opening a new chapter in autumn~

What is the symbol for capturing autumn? It is the scent of osmanthus in the air, the leaves of ginkgo biloba begin to turn yellow, the days begin to get shorter, the days begin to grow longer, the summer ends in autumn, and the night ends in cool.

The autumn of the “Three Rivers and One Mountain” green path has come to open a new chapter in autumn — to capture the romantic autumn with you.

Autumn is the most atmosphere season in the four seasons.

Autumn is the “Three Rivers and One Mountain” of autumn The greenway is just like a layer of lomo filter.

The gentle, warm and soft pink daisy makes autumn pink.

The greenways around Wuchang Posthouse can find patches of “pink silk carpet”.

The autumn scenery of Sichuan is quiet.

The evening wind blows.

The reeds and maple leaves add golden and quiet to the autumn scenery of the greenway The warm atmosphere in autumn has become more and more birds.

The Bahe River has become the best place for bird watching in the city.

Autumn and autumn sports.

Autumn clouds rise suddenly.

The mountains become yellow in the summer.

Things that have not caught up with them all want to make up for in autumn.

It’s not too hot and cold in autumn.

It’s just right for you to ride around the greenway with your family and friends.

You can crush fallen leaves.

You can reach out between rolling wheels to embrace freedom.

Autumn is also the golden season for outdoor activities.

Take a walk on the greenway for a run Or experience a yacht to feel the time when the autumn wind blows the vegetation and green waves.

Catching autumn food and camping together in autumn is also a perfect way to open autumn.

Set up the sky curtain at Taiyi Posthouse and put various tools on it.

Get together with three or five friends to have an exquisite afternoon tea or camp in the RV camp Have a barbecue in autumn, go camping, escape from the shackles of steel and cement, open up a different kind of happy life, look at the brilliant spring flowers on the greenway in spring, and find cool in the greenway in summer, capture the colorful colors on the greenway in autumn, and wantonly flow in autumn, and quickly seize this precious moment, and spend autumn together on the “three rivers and one mountain” greenway~Qu Xiaolv Tips: please vaccinate COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible! Left and right sliding.