[Cycling race] It’s hard! People standing behind the event

Yesterday (November 20), the first Anhui “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” cycling race (Shitai Station) and the first China Shitai Road Cycling Open ended successfully! This is the first stop of the first “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” cycling race in Anhui Province, and also the first cycling race in our county.

More than 500 volunteers stood at the intersection to maintain order ↓↓↓ 01 Renli Town Race Track 02 Hengdu Town Race Track 03 Dayan Town Race Track 04 Jitan Town Race Track Behind the race Stand up well for everyone in each shift…

The competition team, the epidemic prevention and control team, the security assurance team, the publicity and promotion team, the volunteer service team, the comprehensive coordination team and more people will give their silent efforts and strong support for the success of the competition.

Let’s praise them here 👍 Source: Comprehensive editor of Shitai County Financial Media Center: Wang Hui Reviewed by: Meng Fanbing, Jiang Xuefei Supervised by: Jiewen Public Service Advertising Exhibition..