Cycling – one of the most suitable cross training for runners

Runners need regular cross training, and bicycle is one of the most suitable cross training items for runners.

So how can runners improve their running performance by cycling? Whether the runner is healthy or in the recovery stage, he can ride a bicycle.

It has little impact on the body, but it can improve the aerobic fitness of runners.

Bicycle runners can also carry out various training methods such as climbing, fast sprint and long-distance slow riding, which brings many benefits to runners.

Especially for runners who have just recovered from injuries, if they run directly, it will have too much impact on the body, which may lead to the recurrence of old injuries.

Cycling can provide a good buffer stage for runners.

Under the condition of almost no impact, it can gradually improve the endurance of the body, activate muscles, strengthen aerobic fitness, and lay the foundation for resuming running.

If the runner feels knee pain and can’t keep running, he can carry out bicycle training to maintain the amount of exercise.

When riding, the weight of the body will be supported by the cushion.

There is no weight compression on the knees, and the joint pressure will be greatly reduced.

Moreover, the legs are always doing circular motion, unlike running, the feet directly impact the ground.

In addition, if the outdoor weather is not suitable for cycling, runners can go to the gym to ride a sports bike, which can play the same training effect…