[cycling] Jiexiu Merida weekend activity announcement on January 29 (Jiexiu rubber dam)

Fight the epidemic and protect health with bicycles.

Activity theme: I ride, I am healthy, I am happy! Riding date: January 29, 2022 (Saturday) if it snows, cancel the activity.

Gathering place: at the gate of Jiexiu Bicycle Association (MeiLiDa, East Street).

Gathering time: gather at 7:40 a.m.

and leave on time at 8:00.

Vehicle requirements: mountain bike, road bike and long-distance station wagon activity level: medium intensity (suitable for new and old riders) planned trip: 15km (one-way) weather condition: cloudy 4 ° – – 6 ° activity location: Jiexiu rubber dam meal cost: the meals are made of AA (drinks and drinks are at your own expense).

Warm tips: the weather is cold, keep your hands and feet warm when traveling, Bring a spare coat.

Insist on riding and enjoy nature – I ride, I am healthy and happy.

Merida provides friendly support vehicles, provides logistics support for riders, and has professional bicycle technicians to repair and repair tires.

Important note ① obey team discipline and arrangement during riding, and it is forbidden to ride beyond the leader; ② please wear helmets, gloves and other protective equipment when doing housework during riding; ③ concentrate on riding on the downhill section, keep the distance between vehicles, strictly control the speed, and absolutely prohibit chatting and overtaking; ④ if you are not dining with the team, please make a statement before departure; ⑤ please inform the team leader or support personnel of leaving the team in advance or halfway; ⑥ the whole process is suitable for mountain bike, station wagon, scooter and road race; ⑦ protect the environment, travel green and low-carbon, and prohibit littering along the way; ⑧ it is forbidden to drink alcohol when eating; ⑨ strictly abide by the traffic rules, ride on the right side of the road, and it is forbidden to run the red light; ★ helmet and insurance ★ when an accident occurs, the helmet will form a buffer zone between the collision object and the head, which can effectively reduce the external injury to the head and protect the head.

The helmet with brim can also protect the sun.

Here, the club solemnly declares that as an important protective equipment, helmets must be worn during each activity! Riders who do not wear or obey the command after friendly reminder are declined to participate in this activity.

Insurance is an important condition for travel.

The main reason is that in case of an accident, it can provide you with maximum financial help, reduce the pressure of medical expenses and minimize your injuries and losses.

Anyone who voluntarily participates in the activities organized by the club shall be deemed to have purchased insurance and shall not be checked one by one.

Top 10 precautions for downhill 1 Control the speed.

On familiar roads with good road conditions, it is best not to exceed 35km / h and slow down in advance when turning.

It is recommended not to exceed 25km / h in unfamiliar or poor road conditions.

In this way, the car can be controlled in case of emergencies (cars coming from the opposite side, speed bumps, pits on the road, sand and gravel, etc.).


Master skilled braking technology.

Technically speaking, when using the snub, novices can snub at the front and back together.

After being proficient, they can use the front brake, rear brake or separate front brake.

Remember that the effect of the front brake is much better than the rear brake.

While braking, move the center of gravity back (it’s a good choice to lower the seat before going downhill), and hold the handlebar with both hands straight.

As long as the brake is not crushed, there will be no rollover problem.


Be highly focused.

Pay close attention to the road conditions, road signs, vehicles, etc.

It is forbidden to listen to headphones, chat, look left and right and other distracting behaviors during riding, especially downhill.


observe traffic regulations.

Don’t ride in each other’s lane, especially when turning.

Keep to the side as far as possible to ensure safety.


Don’t ride an angry car.

Don’t compare the speed with others when going downhill, let alone with motor vehicles.


Keep a safe distance.

When the speed is 30km / h in the downhill process, keep the distance of 30 meters, and it is recommended to be 50 meters.

No side-by-side riding.


Don’t make small moves.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the handle with both hands or one hand, answer or call the mobile phone, turn back when turning, wave and other actions endangering riding safety.


No Overtaking.

In the process of downhill, try not to overtake and avoid unnecessary trouble and danger to yourself and the other party.


No riding on route s.

When riding, especially in the downhill process, the car swings left and right.

First, it will make its own center of gravity unstable, resulting in rollover; Second, it is also a great potential threat to other riders.


You have to wear a helmet.

In case of collision or car crash, it will be your important “protector”.

So don’t use the helmet that has been touched once.

It has completed its mission.

Jiexiu Merida cycling club reminds you that *************************************************************************************************************, Disclaimer of the organizer: in view of the danger and uncontrollability of riding activities, the organizer is not responsible for any accidents in the activities.

Participants are requested to correctly evaluate the risks of the activities at their own risk.

The organizer only plans the route and will not be responsible for various accidents and disputes caused by the participants’ personal behavior.

Those who sign up to participate in the activity are equal to the agreement on recognition.

Mountain biking is a dangerous activity.

Please pay attention to your safety and sign the travel exemption statement before departure.

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