Cycling is the most fashionable and healthy lifestyle

Why more and more people begin to pursue bicycle travel is inseparable from the increasingly popular concept of health, environmental protection, sports and leisure.

Neither cars, trains nor planes and ships are more prominent than bicycles in terms of environmental protection and health.

Environmental protection and health are the two most important issues in the development of this new era.

The popularity of cycling is also a matter of following the trend.

So far, the number of Chinese bicycle Lovers has exceeded 10 million, which is a very huge number.

On the other hand, our total population is 1.3 billion, which means that in fact, more people don’t know much about the field of bicycles.

From the specific perspective of cycling, although many people have the impulse to try, they give up because they don’t understand, which is a great pity.

Riding is going out on a bike.

It’s very simple and good for your health.

You can travel together or alone; You can travel by yourself or in groups; You can take a relaxing tour in this city or go for a long-distance tour in other places.

In short, it is to slow down and enjoy the scenery by cycling.

Many people mistakenly think that bicycle travel is very hard and tired.

In fact, it is incorrect.

The real riding is in the heart, not in dazzle technology and speed.

Take a curious and young heart.

In fact, being young does not mean being young.

Although some people are 70 or 80 years old, they also remain young and curious.

Most people who choose to travel by bike are urban people.

They are usually busy and under great pressure.

Cycling is a good way to relax.

On the way of travel, you don’t have to worry about everything.

Even if you encounter something beyond the plan, please accept it calmly.

Maybe it will be a different beauty.

For the time being, put aside the adult’s deliberation and find back the childlike curiosity, and your ride may be more wonderful.

In addition, “don’t take the short road as an excuse”.

Don’t always think travel is a big deal.

I slipped around by bike in the city where I live.

It’s not riding.

The real bicycle travel is not to show off skills and speed, but to feel it with your heart.

Even if you live in a city for a long time, there will be scenery you have never found.

Cycling to feel and find is a trip.

Compared with other ways of travel, riding has greater freedom and is more conducive to people’s health.

It is the best way of sports and tourism for urban groups…