Cycling is certainly good, but don’t let it hurt you

Outdoor riding can improve self-cultivation and exercise.

Moderate exercise can maintain the activity of immune cells, which will be ready to resist infection at any time.

But improper bicycles can also cause sports injuries.

Many riders are eager to start exercising and ignore the warm-up.

This is not the right way to ride a bike.

Before riding a bike, you should do some simple stretching and warm-up exercises to make your body fully active.

After a few kilometers of slow riding, your body will gradually enter the state of exercise without wasting too much time.

The purpose of riding is not how fast or how far you can ride.

It’s important to insist and maintain speed.

Only pursuing speed doesn’t determine the extent of your domineering riding.

In fact, it does great harm to your body.

It is suggested to find a suitable frequency during riding and then increase the amount of exercise.

In this way, riding step by step can not only exercise your body.

There will be a lot of sweating during cycling, even in winter, so it is very important to replenish water.

Drink water in small mouthfuls.

Don’t wait until you are very thirsty.

Big mouthfuls are the guarantee of physical strength.

Lack of water will lead to the decline of physical function, the slowing down of muscle contraction speed and blood flow speed, the shortage of muscle energy material and oxygen supply, and the reduction of riding efficiency.

Being energetic doesn’t mean you won’t be tired or damaged.

Cycling should also be done according to your ability.

Excessive riding can damage the body’s immune function and affect health.

Riding requires plenty of physical strength.

A reasonable rest is a powerful guarantee for healthy riding.

When it’s time to rest, try not to participate in riding activities when you’re in bad condition.

If you want to avoid the injury of cycling, you must look at these 10 items.

I Compared with the rest of the day, most drivers are prone to injury in the morning due to the sudden start of exercise.

Because the muscle temperature is the lowest in the morning.

II Strenuous muscle exercise will lead to weak damage, and the healing period will take at least 48 hours.

III People who do regular stretching exercises are much less likely to get hurt.

IV If you don’t exercise for a week, it will take weeks of training to restore your previous fitness.

V For drivers with muscle injuries, try to avoid the vibration caused by the frame.

Steel frame is better than aluminum frame and carbon frame.

Vi In order to reduce the damage of road vibration to elbow bending, keep the bending degree of both elbows between 30-90 degrees (depending on the strength of force), because when your arms are straight, the damage caused by vibration is the same as when you hold a drill.

VII Training: you must train, but don’t overdo it.

When the body says stop, but the mind is still holding on, you must avoid this idea! VIII When someone introduces you to a car that is used by the tour de France champions, please think twice! It doesn’t necessarily suit you.

IX Protect your knees and tendons.

Using self-locking free pedaling will reduce the pressure on them.

X Do what you can, enough is enough.

When training, we should often make the body and mind reach a comfortable and ideal state.

Some people think that the effect of training can not be achieved without exhaustion.

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