[Cycling Independent Camp] Chasing the wind young man, march forward bravely! (No. 2 Yangcheng Lake, No. 4 Taihu Lake and No. 6 Taihu Lake)

“In the growth process of a child, we must let him (her) do something proud, because this is the greatest source of strength in his (her) future experience.”———— The designer F.W.A.

Froebel (1782-1852) said: Do you feel anxious about your children’s future? We always hope that our children can be brave, tough, not afraid of hardship, and not give up easily.

However, most of the time we see his weakness, even cowardice.

We are worried about his future.

How will he compete with his peers and stand in his own time? This anxiety reminds us that we should let him go into groups, into nature, more contact with nature, go climbing, hiking, riding, seeing mountains and rivers…

to do everything that can shape his character.

This time, we continue to ride.

It is no longer the 18 km track of Yangcheng Lake, but we will go to the wider Taihu Lake this time.

The purpose of cycling is to ride on the road all the time as a healthy and environment-friendly way of sports, to fully enjoy the beauty of the journey, and to exercise children’s outdoor spirit of perseverance and hard work.

Under the fresh air and sufficient sunshine, we can experience challenges together in the midst of difficulties and experience success at the end of the journey.

After riding this section of the road, children’s riding level has been effectively trained.

They can cross steep slopes, slowly accelerate, relax, and chase in a safe range.

They can feel the sound of the wind blowing in their ears, truly experience the charm of the sport of riding, and their hearts are also released.

01 Riding together is a journey with profound changes in communication skills.

This is an extraordinary common experience that will be permanently stored in memory.

We will have enough time to face challenges and accidents together.

We can exchange views on what we see and hear and expand topics.

We can say a lot.

We can face countless events together.

Your child will reap a friendship 02 In life, There are always some bottlenecks when we go to parks 10 kilometers away, and we rarely walk or ride a bike.

Because usually we ride a bike for 10 kilometers, and it’s a long distance and tiring for me.

Then you may be only a little tired after 30 kilometers, but it’s definitely not three times as much.

This is a shocking secret.

It breaks our conventional thinking mode.

You will find it only after you experience it yourself, It’s not a big deal.

Everyone can deal with it without suffering.

It’s an interesting way to deal with it.

Cycling expands children’s comfort zone and makes them more capable of coping with it.

It’s a good time for self-education.

In the process of long distance riding, we will inevitably encounter many unexpected problems, such as road interruption, sudden changes in weather, forgotten to take anything with us in the arrangement of riding routes, and preparation for road supplies, It is not easy for you to think about all these problems.

We hope that children can think and face them together when these problems are presented, and find solutions.

This process is the learning and growth with practical significance in life.

It is because of the constant thinking and exploration of small things that we can deeply understand the operation rules of everything into inherent wisdom, To build a real ability to calmly deal with unknown challenges is not this just the growth we dream of? A boy chasing the wind The Taihu Lake Riding March has experienced the 18 km ride of Yangcheng Lake, and many children still want to know more.

The advanced track is arranged along the beautiful Taihu Lake, with the vast Taihu Lake on one side and the fertile farmland on the other.

The total distance of cycling is 26 kilometers, and the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake is all along the way.

The autumn wind is cool and cool.

The main cycling section is the Taihu Lake flood control levee.

Non motor vehicles are prohibited to travel together.

The safety of children is effectively guaranteed.

The end of the ride is located in the beautiful East Mountain of Taihu Lake.

After you pick up the children, you can taste the delicious lake food around.

You can also go along the Taihu Avenue, the most beautiful highway for clocking in, and Xiaokamakura in Suzhou.

Since 2010, the Taihu Lake International Road Cycling Race has been successfully held for eleven times, from the original UCI 1.2 single day race to the UCI 2.1 8-9 day race, and has successfully achieved the linkage between Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai and the global live broadcast.

It has become one of the four major professional road cycling races in China.

This time, we will move along the race track to experience the speed and unique charm of cycling.

The most beautiful lakeside Avenue in Suzhou city is the vast Taihu raceway, where motor vehicles and non motor vehicles are separated.

Bicycles are below, and motor vehicles are above.

The essence section of the “tour the Taihu Lake bicycle race”, one of the four major bicycle races in China, is selected to ride for about 26km.

Equipped with professional riding vehicles + protective helmets + knee and elbow pads, you can rest assured that you can leave your children to us.

Professional bicycle education process, adequate water replenishment measures and rest, At the end of the fun ice breaking game, there was a serious sharing and exchange.

Finally, there was a motivational certificate of honor.

This is the ride gift itinerary we prepared for the children.

At 09:50, we will meet at the designated place according to the group notice.

We will show the 48 hour nucleic acid report at 10:00-10:30 for bicycle knowledge education and equipment collection.

Parents, please go to the assembly point on time.

In order not to delay the travel of most children, please be sure to deliver it on time.

After the children are handed over to the staff and signed, please leave the site in time to avoid traffic jam.

In addition, the children who arrive first will be led by the on-site teachers to enter the game links that are familiar with each other, so that the children can integrate into the team as soon as possible and take the first step..