Cycling in Zhejiang | cycling enthusiasts look! Focus on this Friday, low-carbon cycling · Hangzhou station will open soon~

I add luster to the low-carbon earth @ Asian Games mingpin @ riding in Zhejiang in the future , reducing the burden on the earth Hangzhou station , activity time: April 22, 2022 “Green, intelligent, thrifty and civilized – the idea of hosting the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.” in April, the spring is warm and blooming, and the pace of life is never-ending, moving forward towards a better and brand-new future! There are 145 days left before the countdown to the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games! Are you still busy with trivial life chores? Have you lost your direction of struggle because you have been home for too long? Friends, don’t be afraid, look here, mingpin has a fight Healthy and energetic green theme sports fully awaken your love for sports! Ride in Zhejiang, reduce the burden for the earth, mingpin decoration and FM90 7.

The riding activity of “I add color to the low-carbon earth” co sponsored by the company will be grandly opened on April 22, 2022! The earth is green, the Asian Games is green! More than ten teams of cycling enthusiasts gathered in Hangzhou, and more mysterious champions of cycling events came to the scene to participate in competition activities! Hangzhou, the first stop, is going forward in pursuit of dreams, green and environmental protection, reducing the burden on the earth and helping the Asian Games! Affected by the epidemic, prevention and control measures will be taken to ensure the smooth holding of the event! Mingpin decoration takes low-carbon environmental protection to reduce the burden on the earth and contribute to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Theme: as the official decoration service provider of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, mingpin decoration has always taken building a beautiful ideal home as its mission vision, paid tribute to the times with excellent design, and built a green, low-carbon and beautiful life with quality engineering.

April 22 coincides with the 52nd world earth day.

Mingpin decoration joins hands with FM90 7.

Jointly hold the green cycling activity of “I add luster to the low-carbon earth”, advocate healthy and low-carbon travel, and call on the whole people to participate in the environmental protection campaign to improve the earth’s ecological environment through green and low-carbon life.

▎ activity introduction: this activity will be participated by more than ten teams of cycling enthusiasts, starting from Tiancheng road and ending at the Olympic lotus stadium.

The whole process will last about one hour.

During the competition, there will be riders and road guides to help the activity, so as to ensure the smooth and safe progress of the activity.

Time: 9:00 am, April 22, organizer: FM90 7、 Mingpin decoration # media support: fm107 / today’s headline / anjuke / 19th floor / Hangzhou property market media # brand support: Millennium boat / poly pipeline / arrow sanitary ware / boss appliance / AUPU integrated home / Mengtian wooden door / Marco Polo tile / osheno ceramics / Chint home / Jiumu sanitary ware / fudeli floor / Maite sanitary ware / imperial sanitary ware # activity support: Temei win Cup “World Earth Day, I add luster to the low carbon earth” Riding in Zhejiang to reduce the burden on the earth.

Seeing this, are you full of expectations and can’t wait to watch it? There are more wonderful and surprise prizes at the scene.

On April 22, Hangzhou mingpin will meet you!  。.